Monday, January 17, 2011

Gotta love the weather!

Left: At Macdonalds for our Sunday breakfast!

Remember I posted an entry about a VERY white Christmas a while ago?

Its only been 3 weeks back!

And yesterday we had amazing weather! The snow thawed and melted overnight sometime last week. And since then we've been having gorgeous sunshine, warmer temperatures and Oh-I-so-wanna-wake-up-cos-the-weather's-gorgeous days!

We had a lovely weekend. Hung out with some friends and their kids on Saturday and Sunday I actually managed to wake up early enough to go for Macdonald breakfast with my hubby! We took advantage of the lovely sunshine and blue skies to go for a long walk in the park and there were so many kids and families soaking in the warmth! Oh man, it was like in summer! Felt soo happy and relaxed to not have to freeze like crazy!

This is not to say that temperatures won't dip anymore this winter. Weather's like a chameleon here and hubby's expecting it to snow at least once if not twice more before the winter is over!
About 2 weeks ago, taken at the park where we usually go for a short walk before church

 When everything was still so white and snowy!
 You actually see the paths now! And not have to slide your way through the snow-covered walkways!
 The lake has even thawed and there's actually water in it now! And look at all that greenery!
 Wonder where the ducks disappeared to in winter
Couldn't resist taking a shot of sleeping ducks! I have never seen ducks sleep in such an orderly fashion! Maybe they're German ducks too??? 

Here's wishing you a Blessed week in the Lord!


Crystal Mary said...

I wish you a special week in the Lord also. You are both blessed of God!!
I was researching to find the scripture when I came upon your Blog! Lots of hugs from Oz.

Pris said...

Hey Crystal!
So nice to have you pop by my blog! Oh you're from Oz! I've been to Ozzy-land, Melbourne as a matter of fact. Loved it!!! :) Which part of Australia are you from?

Hugs from cold Germany too!


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