Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making Mistakes

Oh man, I can't believe the week is almost gone and I've only barely managed to churn out one post so far!!!!

This post makes my grand total for this week two! So much for a New Year's resolution **but I'll keep at it!!!**

Anyway, something happened yesterday which got me going, "Ohmigosh, if only I had known!!!!"

I pride myself in having lived in Germany for 4.5years now. That's a long-enough time period for me to speak the language, figure out how things work and its pretty safe to say that "surprises" don't happen on a daily basis anymore.

BUT yesterday was another one of those cases of "Oh man, I should have known better!"

Remember how I make my own Christmas cards every year? The cost price of each card is easily at least 2€. But who would have known that the postage per card would be almost double that? As a matter of fact, my hubby paid about 30€ on postage!! That's almost what I paid for in materials!

In Singapore, postage is based on the weight of the letter. Unless you mail a box, then you would have to take into account the size of the box too. I somehow thought it would be the same in Germany. But no!!!

Apparently the size of my card is slightly too big to be considered "regular mail". Regular mail refers to envelopes up to a certain size and up to 20grams. All my cards only weighed 20grams each, so it could have easily fallen under "regular mail". And that would only be 0.75€ to any part of the world.

But since the envelope was a square and not the typical rectangular-shaped one, so I had to pay...

(take a deep breath)


3.75€ per envelope!!!! Can you imagine my shock????

This would fall under "big mail" and this is the same postage for any parcels up to 0.5kg in weight!!!!

To say I wanted to punch myself would have been a gross understatement!

But oh well.... Lesson learnt.  

Always check out the regulations for anything if you live in a different country and don't assume that things always work similarly as in your home country. Oh and of course, this is another valuable lesson of learning how to forgive myself and be gracious to myself!!! A mistake is not a sin.

At least those of you who got the cards, you know how much your friendship means to me!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

You know what they say? Live and learn :-)

Have a nice day :-)


Steph said...

Hey Pris
We got your card and count ourselves as very blessed indeed to be recipents of your very thoughtful and sweet homemade cards !
Thank you also for your reminder that everyday is a gift from God.
Amen to that and wishing you and Stephane a wonderful year ahead.

Simon Scholz said...

that's really sad but you got it right... a mistake is not a sin and even if it would be our God is the God of grace and mercy and He has forgiven us already! So rejoice in the fact that your Christmas cards got sent and maybe brought joy to the people that got them!

Pris said...

Thanks Ron!

You're one wise old owl!!!! :)


Pris said...

Hey Steph!
Yay! The card reached you safely! Glad that you and your family liked it! :) You all are precious to us! Enjoy your life back in France again and I hope you'll get lots of visitors this year!

Pris said...

Dear Simon! :)
So nice of you to pop by my blog! :) Yeah man, so now you know how "blur" your Hauskirchleiterin can be!Hope you enjoyed your skiing even though it wasn't in the Alps!

Steph said...

Waiting for u guys to come visit us again !

ailing said...

Hey pris, THANK YOU!!!!!! :) We really appreciate the card and sophie loves it too :) She was looking at the card and then all of a sudden she said, hey that's mummy, daddy, sophie and levi! :) :) Hahaha...

Pris said...

Steph - For sure!!! :) Definitely want to visit you all again!

Pris said...

Ailing - That's beyond sweet!!! :) Hahah! Sophie is too cute lah!!! Yeah, I should have labelled the bears to make it easier to identify who they were meant to be!


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