Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dear Isabelle - 6 months old

Dear Isabelle

You're already half a year old! Mummy is so not ready to celebrate your first birthday yet, so please slow down with your growing up my baby girl.


You are officially a crawler! You've been on your belly for a while and finally you decided that enough was enough, so one day you left your playmat! Mummy was so surprised when you were in a different spot from where I left you. Unlike your brothers, you actually managed to crawl forward instead of backwards at first try. Well done you!

Now, we have to make sure that your brothers' loose legos are not scattered all over the floor because it won't be long before you realise you can actually pick things up and put them in your mouth.

Food intake

Honestly baby, you're still 100% breastfed. Usually Mummy would introduce solids at the 6-month mark but since you're so well-fed and contented with breastmilk, we have decided to continue to breastfeed you exclusively for a longer time. You are very interested in food though and often make chewing movements when you see us eat. We have given you bits of bread, cheese, pear, banana and even rice for you to nibble. What can I say? You're a foodie really!

First accident

Oh baby girl, unfortunately you experienced your first major accident 2 weeks ago. It happened at the paediatrician of all places. We brought you there for your 6-month check-up and your older brother Liam climbed onto the bed where you laid down. Just when I was undressing your for your check-up, Liam insisted on climbing down the bed. However, Mummy was unable to coax him to climb down by himself. He kept insisting that he needed my help. Just when Mummy was guiding his leg to reach the step at the side, that was when the doctor's assistant screamed. Mummy was unable to react in time and the next thing I knew, you were lying on the floor, screaming your lungs out.

It was the most terrifying thing ever. It was quite a high bed and I was totally in shock. You screamed, Liam cried and Mummy almost cried, but managed not to. The doctor examined you immediately and he said you're fine. We even had an X-ray of your skull to see if there were any internal injuries and thank God, there was nothing.

Mummy examined you, expecting to see a huge bruise / bump on your forehead, but there was nothing! Just a slight scratch and redness, but no obvious sign that you had a terrible fall. It was really quite a miracle! Mummy is 100% convinced that God really sent his angels to protect you! You were really unscathed from the whole ordeal.

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God! At moments like this, Mummy is really reminded on the fragility of life and how dependent we are on God!


You are about 8.2kg and 68cm at 6 months. You're pretty much at 50% percentile for length and 90% for weight. Know what I mean about why I know you're well-fed with breastmilk? In a baby's first year, 100% of your nutrition comes from breastmilk, so Mummy is going to milk the whole breastmilk goodness for what its worth.


You continue to be a happy and easily contented baby. You love sleeping in the stroller and would wake up with all smiles. You have started to experience separation anxiety and would no longer allow any stranger to carry you. Even Daddy has a hard time putting you to bed these days. Oh well, Mummy has got to try to enjoy these exclusive moments with you even more. Thank God that you're more mobile these days so that means you can be put on the floor where you crawl around and Mummy doesn't have to carry you all over the house.

Sleep habits

You're not sleeping through the night yet. You still wake up for feeds at least twice a night. I don't mind that really, because it means that you sleep longer in the morning. We co-sleep and you enjoy snuggling up to Mummy.

Family time

Your brothers continue to adore you with Gabriel having such a soft spot for you. Mummy can always count on Gabriel to take care of you and soothe you if you're crying.

I think that pretty summarises what you're like at 6 months old! We love you little Munchkin! We pray that you'll continue to be little sunshine that you are and that God will be the source of your light and strength for each day of your life!

Mummy & Daddy

Monday, April 08, 2019

Dear Liam - 3 years old

Dear Liam

As I'm writing this, it's the eve of your 3rd birthday. I find it hard to pen down in words what I'm feeling in my heart. All kinds of emotions really.

Sappy. Proud. Sad. Nostalgic.

Like most Moms would know, the days are long but the years are short. For myself, birthdays are a time when I look back and reminisce on the past 365 days gone. I know that the days I have with my kids are fleeting and that I should hold on to the best memories and discard the worst! Or maybe blog about it and embarrass them on their wedding day! *kidding*

Liam, you are such a sweet sweet kid. You're so smart and eloquent. You form full sentences by yourself and enunciate them with your gentle melodic voice. A friend once said that you sound like you're singing when you speak.

You love to watch "Fast and furious" and have a penchant for "Lighting McQueen". You asked for a Lighting McQueen puzzle for your birthday, so that's what we got you! Together with a remote-controlled Lighting McQueen car.

You're so talented at doing jigsaw puzzles, it's incredible! You can even fix a puzzle upside-down! You love crafting. You insist on cutting out shapes by yourself and can concentrate on a task until its done.

You're so helpful! You actually delight in helping Mummy to do things around the house. Even when Mummy is on the toilet, you will insist on tearing out toilet paper for her. #truth

You're still around Mummy 24/7 because you will only start kindergarten in September. Your 2 other brothers started kindergarten at 3, but you, my child will start at 3.5 years. Honestly, I love having you around the house. We have very relaxed mornings when you bond with your sister and you play with all the toys on your own before your brothers come home and you'd have to share everything. (Ie. fight for every toy).

You're learning how to control your emotions. Whenever you're very pissed about something, you will let out the highest-pitched scream. Mummy will give you a time-out then, because that's the only thing that helps you to get out of your tantrum.

Oh, you're fantastic at acting. When someone hits you, you will fall onto the ground dramatically AND stay lying on the ground. *facepalm*

Once, you didn't even fall down immediately, but when you saw Mommy looking in your direction, you turned around and flung yourself to the ground just to show me that you got hit. Daddy said that you should be a football player because your acting skills will be put to great use!

We're probably going to start you on a swim course soon so that you can swim with your brothers! When we went to Munich to an indoor thermal pool recently, you would climb up the stairs and slide down the water slides for hours on end!

We think that you're an audio learner because you pick up songs ever-so-easily and your sentences are so advanced for your age. You're probably also a fast learner because you have 2 older brothers from whom you pick up your skills from.

It's not easy being the youngest of 3 boys and you're constantly in a power struggle with your second brother. You seem to look up to your oldest brother but you have a competitive edge with your second brother. We hope and pray that in time to come, you'll realise that you both are so different and equally wonderfully and beautifully made AND you're on the same team! There's simply no room for comparison and competition, since you two are so unique and have such different strengths and talents.

Your favourite bible stories are "Baby Moses" being rescued by Pharaoh's daughter and "David and Goliath". You also love the books "Zoo" and "We're going on a bear hunt".

You're my only child who loves to eat his salad. I remember the first time you told me you wanted to try my salad, I almost fell off my chair! So shocked I was! Since then, you've taken a liking to cherry tomatoes, green salad and cucumber.

Little one, you're going to enter kindergarten soon. We pray that you'll meet wonderful friends and learn so many new skills. Most importantly, we pray that the Bible stories you hear about will become real to you! That you will know that the God in the bible, is the same God who hears your prayers and who is close to you in your heart. Continue to grow well little one. We are so proud of whom you've become and look forward to see how God continues to grow and mould your heart!

Mummy & Daddy


He was so excited for his birthday!!! Love witnessing him growing up! 

Look at that dreamy look while he watched his "magic 3" sparkle on his cake! 

The calm before the storm party

We bought 2 little cakes - choc & cheese cake from Breuninger. Absolutely loved them!

Centre piece of the car cake
Store-bought choc praline cake. I DIY the decoration with the bunting and bought the little Lighting toy car

Taking a family shot and thinking, "what a pity that Isabelle was still sleeping"

Immediately after this photo, Isabelle woke up so she could be part of the action!

Normal shot as a family of 6!

First crazy shot

2nd crazy shot. Liam looks exactly the same!

Kids' grandparents who absolutely dote on them!

3 boys & 1 girl

With our little guests! 

Love all their funny faces!

We bought some canvas and acrylic paint so the kids could do some craft

Weather was gorgeous so we could paint on the balcony!

Liam loves painting and doing crafts!

The finished products! Can u guess who deferred from the norm?

Birthday boy with his presents

Look at how happy Liam is

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dear Isabelle - 3 months old

Dear Isabelle

You turned 3 months old on Christmas Day! You're such a chilled and sweet baby, Mummy has no complaints whatsoever. We took your newborn photos when you were only 2 weeks old! You already look so different now! *sob*

Here's looking at you kiddo

I absolutely adore this photo of baby girl in her tutu skirt

A Daddy with his princess

Still feels so surreal to be able to dress my baby in a dress!

I'm a Mom of 4 now! 

Look at how proud Gabriel is!

Sam is such an amazing older brother!

You did your first flip a few days ago. I have no idea how you did it. Mummy rarely makes you do tummy time as you've always been so contented on your back. But a few days after Christmas, you made your first flip! I think you were so surprised by yourself!

Sleep-wise, you've slept through the night a few nights. But it is not consistent. That's totally fine baby girl. You're allowed to wake up anytime in the night because I do treasure those middle-of-nights bonding times. #4thchildsyndrome

Your grandfather came to visit us over Christmas and New Year's. You totally charmed the socks off grandpa! He loved to carry you and you would coo and give him your beautiful smiles. This was definitely a breather for grandpa in comparison to your rowdy brothers who couldn't stop creating mayhem at home. 

Size-wise, you're really tall my girl! You're wearing clothes meant for 6-months old and most clothes for 3-month olds are too small for you by now. 

You enjoy taking showers and are  ever-so-patient to wait for me to pick you up and put you under the running water. Patience is truly one of your virtues!

You're such a cheerful little girl. Even at night when you wake up for your feed, you would smile at Mummy when you see me in the shadows. Oh boy, how my heart melts when I see your dreamy smiles with half-closed eyes!

Your eye-to-hand coordination has improved by leaps and bounds! You're starting to grasp objects around you and wrap your little fingers around them. It's so fascinating to watch you discover the world around you, little one! 

Gabriel continues to shower you with so much attention and hugs. He's got such a soft spot for you! 

Mummy sees so much of myself in you. I do wish I have a baby photo to do a comparison, but let's suffice to say that you got your eyes from me!

Your maiden experience with snow! 

Look at how much you've grown in the past 3 months! 

My smiley girl in her Ralph Lauren dress from my Dad for Christmas

Keep growing well little one. Our precious little Princess! It's usually massively chaotic at home but we trust that God will keep holding and shaping your heart, so you'll experience the fullness of God's love for you everyday! 

Mummy & Daddy

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pregnancy #4 - Birth of our Princess Isabelle Sophie Tews

Who do you think she looks like more? 

Sooo, its been 3 weeks.

3 weeks since I gave birth for the 4th time. 

3 weeks since we welcomed our princess into our family. 

3 weeks since I became intoxicated with the smell of having a newborn again. 

Still, there are moments when I find it hard to believe that I'm a Mom of four now! 

Time has become an even more precious commodity. So, without further ado, I shall attempt to summarise the last stage of my 4th pregnancy in words. 


Baby Isabelle Sophie Tews was born 4 days past her due date. I was feeling sooo uncomfortable and huge that I was just one grumpy preggie whale towards the end. Gosh, I feel sorry for my husband and kids for having to bear with me those last few days!

All my previous pregnancies became progressively shorter with Liam being born at 39 weeks. That's probably why I expected Isabelle to be born before 39 weeks. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I went past the 40 weeks mark with her! 

Usually I'm fine about waiting past my due date but with gestational diabetes, I was under time pressure to get baby out because my gynae did not want to wait too long. In the worst-case scenario, they would induce the baby and with my previous C-section history with my firstborn, it would not be the most fun thing to do. 

On Monday, at 40+3 weeks, I remember feeling off. I had a bit of cramps but it was nothing like real contractions. 

25.9.18 (Tuesday) slightly past midnight -

We wanted to go to bed when I felt the crampy sensation getting worse. I wasn't sure if this was the real thing because I've been having Braxton hicks contractions all the time. 

I decided to take a nice warm shower to see if the contractions would ease off. They didn't. 

By the time I got out of the shower, I knew that this was it. 

The in-laws had just left for their vacation so there went our back-up. We didn't expect baby to come in the night, so we did not really ask anybody to be on standby. 

I knew that we had to think fast, so we decided to ring our immediate neighbour's doorbell. Thank God, the guy answered and he agreed to stay over at our place while we made our way to the hospital. The timing was fantastic too, cos all 3 kids were already sleeping soundly when we left. 

Usually I would have laboured a bit more at home but I didn't want to risk anything because I remember how my Mom told me that she almost gave birth to my brother (her 4th child) in the car.

1.15am - Arrived at Charlottenhaus (the hospital)

I was the only woman in labour! Yay!! September had been an especially busy month at the hospital because more babies tend to be conceived over Christmas and New Year's. Lol. I prayed that the labour ward would not be busy when I was in active labour - Prayer Nr 1 answered!

Midwife checked me and I was only 3cm dilated. :(

I was monitored on the CTG machine for a while before she told me to walk around the hospital, go up and down the stairs and to come back in an hour's time. 

2.30am - 5cm dilated

Even though it had only been 30mins, I decided to go back to the labour ward because I desperately had to use the washroom. And since I was back inside, the midwife examined me again. I was 5cm! That meant I dilated 2cm in 30mins! Awesome! 

We discussed whether the midwife should break my water bag. I hesitated so much because I remember how much more intense the contractions get once the water bag is burst.

I kept asking if I could opt for an epidural if push came to shove. She said the anaesthestist was just a call away. We decided to wait.

2.45am - 7cm dilated

This was when the midwife said it's time to burst the water bag if I want to expedite the whole process. My cervix had softened and she said that baby would appear by 3am if we burst the water bag now. 

She burst the water bag and examined me after that. I was 8cm gone, but I was not allowed to push because it was still too early. 

I remember the first wave of contractions after the water bag was burst. 

It was very intense and looooong! And ohhh the pain!! 

Second contraction hit me like a rock and I started screaming for an epidural. The midwife said that baby would arrive before the anaesthetist came and I am totally able to give birth without an epidural - I just needed to believe in myself. But I was in so much pain, I insisted that the anaesthetist be called in. 

Poor anaesthetist was woken up in the wee hours of the morning. 

By the 3rd contraction, I felt the urge to push! 5 mins ago, I was only at 8cm so it was quite crazy that I would have to push after 3 contractions?? With NO epidural?!  

Midwife examined me again and true enough, I was ready to go! What? Just 3 contractions later?!

Husband and midwife held me in a death-like grip so that I had to stay in the right position to give birth. I was lying on my back and the midwife was giving me instructions on how to push effectively. But I would have needed to roll my back forward instead of arching my back backwards. 

Since I was having very intense back contractions, I would automatically arch my back backwards whenever the contractions came. But since I was held down by both of them, I had no choice but to stay in the most effective position to push baby out. 

All I remember was trying to push as hard as I could. It must have been 4-5 pushes at most. I didn't even realise the baby's head was out. So imagine my surprise when I felt a slimy, wet sensation sliding out of me!! 

3.15am - Baby Isabelle Sophie Tews was born! 

She slid out so quickly and easily! I had no tears and needed no episiotomy. It was incredible! She was 54cm and 3920grams! My entire labour lasted 2 hours in hospital! What an answered prayer!! 

I held my baby girl in my arms and was soooo overwhelmed by the fact that this baby girl was born! And she's a girl! I sorta knew baby would be a girl, but after 3 boys, I never really could believe this fact until I saw it myself! 

I remember feeling more alive than I ever felt after my other labours! This was after all the shortest labour I've had. This meant that I didn't feel like I got hit by a bus (#1 pregnancy) and I didn't faint after giving birth either (#2 pregnancy).

They placed baby on me immediately for skin-on-skin contact. As I held her and stared at her face, I was so mesmerised at how she reminded me of myself as a kid! It's sooo surreal to finally be able to hold the baby that you've been carrying in your womb for 9 months!

I was sooo tired but I couldn't sleep during the 2 hours when I was lying down on the bed in the labour ward. I was too afraid that baby would slide off me! I breastfed Isabelle and had a whiff of the smell of BABY-freshness out of the oven! 

I read this book "Supernatural childbirth" by Jackie Mizie. She talks about how we can pray and trust God for a painless childbirth with no complications and tearing. I remember being challenged in my faith. I just prayed the same prayers that were written in that book. And honestly, those things I prayed about specifically actually came to pass! I was flabbergasted! My baby weighed almost 4kg and her birth was simply the best!

This is my 4th birth experience and I will never ever get tired of witnessing the miracle of life. A human being is made so intricately! When you're pregnant, you're so well-aware of everything that can go wrong. Pregnancy is such a minefield of emotions and learning to deal with the "what-ifs". You never take for granted a baby that is born healthy. How a baby forms in the womb is such a testimony of the existence of God! Yes, a baby is made between a man and woman. But that's the same as saying, I put flour, butter, eggs and sugar into an oven and expect a cake to come out. Someone has to do the baking and measurements and that person is GOD! 

We are slowly adjusting to life with 4 little ones. Isabelle has been a pretty calm and relaxed baby so that helps a lot. Evenings are still very chaotic with having to prepare dinner and get all kids in bed, but we will get there! 

I'm still on cloud 9 at having my own Princess to doll up and be my real-life model! All of our girly clothes have been given / lent to us by our friends! I love these hand-me-downs cos they are sooo gorgeous and well-loved! I'm so so so thankful to God for giving us a healthy baby to love on! This was the verse I sensed the Lord gave us when we were pregnant with Isabelle.

"Delight yourself in the Lord & He shall give you the desires of your heart". Psalm 37:4

Li En means "beautiful grace of God". I chose this name to sound like my late mother's name, "Lydia". To live in grace and grow in grace. That's my desire for Isabelle and myself!


Compare Isabelle's birth with:

- Samuel's birth
- Gabriel's birth
- Liam's birth

Isabelle Sophie Tews (Li En)
3920 Grams 54 cm

And after 2 hours, she's finally here!!! My precious daughter!

 1- day old Isabelle meeting her siblings for the first time! The look on Gabriel's face says it all! He was the one who started asking & praying for baby sister! 

Going home after 2 days at the hospital! Let the pink explosion begin! 

A dress on my baby! Say what?! 

3 boys & their little lady! 

Another beautiful dress! Albeit with a hangry baby!

By far one of my favourite photos of Isabelle & I!


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