Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Liam - 1 year old!

My dear precious beloved baby of the family

You have officially entered into toddlerhood. Why do I feel so sad typing this? I think its because you might very well be my last baby and today might be the very last 1st birthday party we'll ever celebrate!

We had such a cozy family affair. Only your grandparents, your Aunt and your cousin came for your party. You got 2 presents, a cute little musical car and a Cars cutlery set from WMF. We had home-baked New York cheesecake for tea and salmon teriyaki with Mediterranean rice for dinner (recipe here).

In comparison to the huge fancy-schmancy party we had for your oldest brother Samuel, yours was really a very relaxing and meaningful celebration.

I think the more children we have, the less we are able to organise the huge kids' birthday parties. But honestly, it's all good! We all treasure the memories and you won't be able to remember your first birthday party anyway!

It was so relaxing that we could sing your birthday song, take some photos, cut your cake and you went down for your nap! For two hours! While you slept, your grandparents and us hung out on the balcony and talked! It felt like the weekend on a Thursday.

When you woke up, we opened your presents, had dinner and you absolutely loved Mummy's teriyaki salmon! So proud of you!

You've started walking with the toddler walker! You're able to get down from the sofa by yourself. You love to express your wishes by going "uh uh!" and you've started to resist your brother's strong clutches whenever they try to grab away your toys. Your favourite fruit is orange. You can finish one whole orange by yourself! You learnt how to suck through a straw the past week! Grandma says that you're skipping all the milestones and just doing the big-boy stuff. No sippy cups, just proper cups for you.

We love you baby Liam. Mummy's never going to stop you calling "baby". Grow well little one. We pray that you'll know the Lord at a young age and you'll be a true disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. We're so blessed by your sweet and gentle nature. We pray that you'll always retain that childhood innocence that is such a gift!

Mummy & Daddy

You were about 10 days old

Look at how small you were!

Latest family portrait!

 I love my family of 4 boys!

Sam insisted on making a smiley face with grapes!
That's all the presents we had! Just enough for a 1-year old!

Chilling on the balcony with lovely warm weather and his music toy car!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tomato seafood pasta with rocket

Our family eats pasta pretty often. That's because somehow, anything with a tomato-based sauce for children always goes. Like always. I can really just cook plain pasta with tomato sauce and cheese and they would think I'm the best Mom in the world. Super.NOT.kidding!

Since coming back to Germany, I feel like I've lost my cooking mojo. It's a lot of work to plan daily meals and ensure the toddlers have a nutritious diet to support their growth spurts, food is baby-friendly enough for a 11-month old baby and the whole cooking process does not take longer than 20 to 30 minutes.

And have I mentioned how evening time at the Tews household can look like a madhouse? The hub tries to come home at 7pm, but when he's late - by late I mean anytime between 5 to 15 mins late, I feel like I'm holding a time bomb that is waiting to explode.

Picture this. Baby crying because he's hungry. Kids are dirty from their kids' gym (every Tuesday) so they need to go take a shower, but of course they want either me or the Dad to shower them. I'm hungry and tired too, but I still have to prepare a meal to feed a family of 5. I'm barely holding it all together and when the hub rings the doorbell, it's like I really. REALLY. heave a huge sigh of relief!

Sometimes this sigh of relief translates to a "why are you so late?" grumble. You get the idea. The poor hubby. This is real life though. I'm not mincing words. I enjoy being a Mom a LOT but there are times when I so do wish I have an extra pair of hands to help me out.

This is why recipes like this one has saved me countless times from hungry kids. I posted this photo on my Instagram and Facebook and since quite a few of you asked me for the recipe, I figured I'm going to blog about it rather than give you sloppy instructions.


- 3 to 4 cloves Garlic (chopped)
- 1 large Onion (sliced)
- 250 grams fresh Brown mushrooms (sliced)
- 200 grams mini Cherry Tomatoes (washed and cut into half)
- 3 to 4 large Tomatoes (chopped)
- 750 grams Tilapia fillet
- 250 gram Shrimps
- 300 grams Pasta
- Handful of Scallops
- 500 grams Tomato sauce
- Rocket (washed and cut for garnish)

1. Prepare the ingredients. Chop the garlic, slice the onion and brown mushrooms.

2. Cut the cherry tomatoes into half and chop up the large tomatoes

2. Cut up the tilapia fillet. You want to cut it into big chunks because fish breaks up quickly in the heat and you want your fish to be intact

3. Start cooking your pasta according to how much time it takes to cook

4. Heat up some olive oil in the pan. Pan-fry the garlic until fragrant (about 1 min) before adding in the large onion. Make sure your heat is medium because you don't want to burn the garlic

5. Add in the fresh brown mushrooms, fry until it starts to wilt.

6. Add in the tilapia, shrimps and scallops altogether. Fry for a few minutes.

7. Add in chopped tomatoes with the packet of tomato sauce.

8. Season generously with Italian herbs, Krauter De Provence, salt and pepper

9. Cover for a couple of minutes to let the sauce simmer

10. Serve with pasta and garnish with rocket salad. I like my pasta with some chilli flakes, which I obviously leave it out for the kids.

Let me know how your pasta goes! I'm excited to see how it works out for you! Of course you're welcome to use other ingredients too! I'm not a fan of mussels so I never use that, but the Italians use mussels in their pasta dishes ever so often!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Dear Liam - 11 months old

What's your favourite expression?

Dear Liam

My youngest baby! You're only 1 month shy of your first birthday and yet this is unfortunately only your 3rd update! I'm so sorry!

Mummy is enjoying every moment of your growing up phase and I'm so thankful that I can continue to stay at home to be your primary caregiver! God has given Daddy a very good job, so that Mummy can focus on you! When your two brothers go to kindergarten, you and I spend leisurely mornings together over breakfast and you watch me clear the dishwasher.

Since this year, Mummy has started an online business with ItWorks and it has been such a wonderful adventure! Mummy gets to earn an income while doing what she loves - blogging, Instagramming and Facebooking! That's also the fun thing of having 3 lovely boys to write and post photos about! You guys fill my days with your endless antiques and it's been so fun being able to document all your milestones! And to be able to earn an income while doing so? That's double the bonus!

You're into your last month before hitting toddlerhood. Oh boy. It's so bittersweet to document your growth. Can you please remain my baby forever? Here are all your milestones over the past few months!

  • Going on your first plane ride to Singapore and back to Germany! You were such a trooper! Really. You slept most of the flight and woke up only to look around. Even on the flight home when you were running a high fever, you didn't scream the plane down. You were listless and feverish, but other than that, still such a manageable baby. We're so proud of you!

  • You went on your maiden trip to Singapore and Thailand! Your family and friends in Singapore were so excited to see you and you were such a dream baby to be out and about with! You napped on the go, ate pretty well and perspired like the world champion! You've got your Daddy's genes for cold weather!

  • Developing your first two teeth! Your teeth looked like it was going to protrude for the longest time and they finally showed their first appearance in Singapore! You look so cute with 2 bunny teeth! As usual, we didn't expect much saga from you and true enough, we hardly noticed any change in your behaviour when you were going through the notorious teething phase

  • Started crawling properly! You were commando crawling for many months before you started realizing that you could push yourself up on your hands and knees. And since then, there's no holding you back! Now, you would easily crawl to me, pull yourself up against my legs and beg to be held. Or better still, you would attempt to stand on your own, while trying to support your weight on my legs. It's so bittersweet to see you go from 4-legged to 2-legged. Please do stay my baby longer young one!

  • Started waving! This is seriously the cutest thing you've done so far. You would look at yourself in the mirror and wave by clutching your fist and opening it. You would be so fascinated by your ability to do this that you would stare at it on end. I so need to catch this on video!

  • You got your first haircut! Oh let's put it this way. Daddy gave you your first hair shave! Oh boy, if only Mummy had known how short it would get, I would have brought you to a hairdresser instead! Lol!

  • You have gotten SO loud! Since you're unable to communicate, the only way you can express your hunger is to practise your vocal chords! And practise you do! Sometimes Daddy call you "Gabriel" since your loud cries sound very much like that of your second older brother!

When we were on holiday, there were so many people who thought you were a girl! We think it might be due to your long hair and / or your big eyes / the fact that we have 2 older boys so people automatically assume our 3rd child is a girl. In any case, you're our handsome little BOY!

We love you to bits. Thanks for being such an easy-going, relaxed and chilled baby. We really appreciate you being the calm one when your two older brothers create havoc around the house! We can't imagine life without you.

Kisses and more kisses
Mummy & Daddy

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crash back to Reality

We're back from our whirlwind 4-week vacation in Singapore and Thailand. It was AWESOME. I'll blog about that another time. Please follow me on Instagram: prissteph or Facebook "Priscilla Tews" for more regular updates!

Well, I knew I needed to blog today.

You know how you crash after a long vacation? We certainly crashed alright.

A 7-hour time difference is no joke, I tell ya. At breakfast time, I'm so famished I want to eat my lunch. By lunchtime, I'm so tired I want to go to bed for the night. My children and I have such a hard time getting through the 3pm-7pm time (10pm - 2am Singapore time).

We usually fly back to Germany to arrive on Saturday so that I have one day to do my groceries and have some form of order in my house before the hub goes back to work. But this time, thanks (or no thanks) to my beloved hubby (who did the booking), he booked the flight back for Sunday instead of Saturday!

So HELLO to empty fridge, NO food and NO supermarkets that are open on Sundays. And oh wait, no one day to get back to R.E.A.L.I.T.Y

And if that was not enough, on Monday the hub couldn't come back any earlier. He tried to come back at least 1-2 hours earlier so that we could have dinner at 5pm and let the kids sleep. No, he only managed to make it back at 7pm so the kids almost killed their Mom (=me) the entire evening.

Tuesday morning, I was determined to get ahead of things and even wanted to start the day well by going on the cross-trainer. While having my Frenchtoast with my baby companion, I was startled by my alarm that told me that the 2 older boys are supposed to have an appointment with the eye specialist at 10.30am. It was already 10.20am when the alarm went off.

I was puzzled at first. I mean, who in the right mind would make an appointment for a doctor 2 days after arriving back from a long-haul trip right? But after calling the eye specialist, I realized that yours truly managed to book the appointment and forgot all about it!. Oh gosh! I tried to ask if I could reschedule, but the lady said the next appointment would be in 3 months' time. I asked if I could come an hour later, to which she agreed.

Only when I had put down the phone did I realize that I should have asked her if privately-insured patients could have an earlier appointment, so that I wouldn't have to go through the madness of rushing for this appointment. I tried to call the doctor again for at least 5 more times but the phone line was engaged!

So I did the next thing I knew how to. I packed the baby up, drove the car to the kindergarten, rang the bell at the unorthodoxed time of 11am since parents shouldn't pick up their kids outside the usual pick-up time. Explained to the teacher why I had to pick the kids up earlier, packed up the kids and drove to the eye doctor.

Surprisingly, we didn't have to wait and managed to see the doctor immediately. Samuel passed his test with flying colours, while Gabriel has a bit of astigmatism which warrants an extra check-up in a year's time.

You'd think by now, your day can only get better right?

But no. Over lunch, I noticed that baby was developing a rash. It started on his face and developed all over his body by the time lunch was over. He wasn't feeling himself and didn't eat much for lunch.

I decided to call the paediatrician but our doctor was out. We had to call 4 other doctors before getting an appointment. Usually I would wait it out, but I really couldn't rule out whether Liam was having an allergic reaction to something. He has never had an allergic reaction before, so who knows right?

The worst part was that Samuel was supposed to have a consultation day with his primary school. They had invited the parents that afternoon to have a talk with a school representative who would tell us about the school curriculum. We didn't know about it until today, so it would have been just me to bring 3 kids along for this school thing.

But with Liam developing his crazy rash and this school appointment, I couldn't possibly divide myself into two right?

I tried calling the hub like a million times - no kidding. I thought if he could somehow perhaps excuse himself from the day's committments, he could maybe play tag team with me.

But no, he didn't pick up his phone.

So I did what I thought was the best decision - Bring all 3 kids with me to the doctor and miss the school appointment.

I arrived at the "substitute" doctor's office and thought "At least now the kids can play in the playroom". BUT I had to declare that we had recently arrived back from Singapore - 2 days ago.

So guess what?

They quarantined us at the stairway.

There was NOTHING to do. Like absolutely nothing.

And because I had too much Mummy guilt that I had allowed my kids to play with our phones too much while we had all these meet ups with friends in Singapore, I decided NOT to let my kids use my phone while waiting for the doctor.

So I told them to go down the stairs and count. To which samuel said "So boring, Mummy".

So I said, "Go into the lift, go down to the groundfloor and come up again via the stairs".

The 2 boys were sporting enough though. They kept up at it for quite a while. All this while, I had to take care of a pretty moody baby who was turning red from all those spots!

We waited a grand total of 1.5 hours! 90 minutes! At the stairway! With NO toys, nothing to entertain the kids.

Craziness? Totally!

And have I mentioned how heavy that maxi-cosi carseat is??? With a 9-kg baby sitting in it, it felt like a ton!!! I had to carry that thing FOUR times in and out of the car today. I seriously felt so sorry for my back! And I had to keep thinking, "Oh boy! That baby must have had a growth spurt in Singapore. He's SOOO heavy now!"

Hub came back thankfully a bit earlier today so I had some time to cook.

I couldn't bring myself to have German bread after all my yummy Asian food. So I told myself to cook some rice. And I made us some lemon chicken accompanied by broccoli and carrots.

The kids ate it up and Samuel said I'm the bestest cook in the world.

But to be very brutally honest. I felt so sad when I saw my cooking. All that work in the kitchen, for ONLY 2 dishes. Compared to those zhi-char food in Singapore, which you can just order and have 10 dishes at the click of your fingers, I felt sad for my belly and my kids' bellies.

We actually had dinner while talking about our favourite zhi-char dish! Sam's one is the prawn paste chicken. Ah, that boy can have the entire plate for himself! It warmed my heart to know that my kids miss Singapore too. I told Stephan that in the past, it was just me and him who would reminisce about Singapore. Now, our kids do the same too. How sweet!

Days like today make me realize how important it is to be a stay-home Mom! It was stressful enough navigating the day with all those last-minute changes. How much worse would it be if I had to work at a regular job and figure out how to leave my job to tend to my babies? And don't even get me started on the number of doctor's appointments one has with children this young.

I used to gripe that the only thing about being a SAHM is having no income. BUT all this has changed, since I started working with ItWorks! This is really a dream job that has enabled me to combine my two loves - my family life and social media into a job that earns me money! Having done it for almost 2 months now, I'm absolutely enjoying this breath of change for me and oh boy! Seeing my first paycheck in 5 years? Heaven! And doing all this without leaving my 10-month old at the daycare? It simply does not get any better than this! I would never ever outsource taking care of my own children.

My dream with this job is to earn the money for our next vacation together! Yeah, I know its easier to just depend on the husband's money but I used to be the one to earn the vacation money back when I was working. My hub would earn the money for the regular expenses while I earned the "enjoyment money". Thank God that these days we can depend on the husband's salary for a lot more than just "regular" expenses, but it'd be fun to see where this job takes me!

I love my husband, I love my 3 boys and I love my life. No matter where we choose to live, Singapore or Germany, we can still have a meaningful, crazy life together. That's all that matters at the end of the day right? And of course that we know that the Lord is in the centre of our relationships and our lives.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why do I want to go back to work?

I've thought about that question a couple of times over the past week.

I'm happy as a stay-at-home Mom. I've got more than enough to keep me busy with 3 kids aged 5 and below. My husband earns enough money for us to live comfortably on one income. We go on annual vacations and do long-haul flights to Singapore once every 1-2 years. We can't spend lots of money on a whim but neither are we struggling.


For the uninitiated, I decided to join ItWorks a few minutes before the clock struck twelve on New Year's Day. Sounds so poetic right?

Basically, I'm going to be a distributor in slimming body wraps, skincare and health products.

I'm doing this because I've always been waiting for a product like this to appear on the market. 

Let me explain. 

I have 3 kids, as you would know. And I often joked to the hub that I would want to go Marie France (a renowned slimming centre in Singapore) to get my figure back, if we ever had that type of money and time. A trial slimming session can cost up to the thousands.

Most women who have given birth in Singapore have the luxury of having a Malay masseur go to their homes during the confinement period to give them a massage as well as slimming bodywrap. Both the massage and bodywrap is meant to tone, firm and slim down their tummies, such that those women who have done it (my friends) have a significant improvement in their figures compared to those who don't (uh hmm, me).

Since I gave birth to all my children in Germany I've never had the luxury of having a masseur come to my home, give me an hour of massage bliss and end off by tightening my loosened stomach muscles with a bodywrap. 

We have what you'd call a post-natal exercise course where one learns how to tighten and strengthen the pelvic muscles. But none of those crazy awesome massage-bodywraps things as what they do in Singapore.

So can you imagine my excitement when I actually heard about ItWorks? Do the wraps really work?

The entire company was founded based on those bodywraps and it's their Number 1 selling product, such that they are #6 globally in direct marketing. So it can't be all photoshop right?

I'm a strong believer of being a product of the product. I already know that there is such a thing as "slimming bodywraps" like what they do in Singapore. It was only a matter of time that a company took all the ingredients in the slimming bodywraps, come up with a winning recipe and mass produce them to ensure maximum results in a uniform way.

My Dream with this job

I started this business because I simply wanted to see how much money I can earn an income by being a stay-at-home Mom. Doing a regular job where I would be away from the kids is not an option for me. I see myself as being a Mom first and earning an income as secondary.

However, I would so love to be able to have a separate bank account from the hubby just so I can say something like "I bought this present for you" and actually buy it with my own income rather than on the income that the hubby earned. Sounds trivial? It certainly is! But it's one of the things I miss about earning an income!And the best thing about this job?

It will be the first time that I can actually earn some money while doing what I love! This business works on word-of-mouth, social media and the good old wrap parties.

I've been writing on this blog for over 10 years, I have a somewhat active Instagram account and I go on Facebook more often than I should. So, technically I'm already doing all the groundwork that is necessary to start this business.

And last but not least, I can help people slim down, detox and live a healthier lifestyle by doing what I do!

We just got our first bodywraps in the mail today and the first wrap has already worked pretty well!

Stay posted for more!!!!


Some random photos of the 3 monkeys!

Absolutely love this pic!

So impossible to take a proper pic with 3 kids!

Taken over Christmas at our church
Isn't this photo priceless?

This is why I'm a SAHM - can't get enough of morning cuddles!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Turning 34 - my epic children-free day off!

The older you get, the simpler and smaller your birthday celebrations become.

I'm a December baby and every year, December is always a stressful month. There's Christmas presents to be bought, photo calendars to be done, Christmas cards to be written and last year one top of everything else, I had to make 3 photobooks by the end of November.

Needless to say, by the time December came around, I was so uninspired to sort out photos that I was toying around with the idea of not doing a photo calendar for 2017.

However, with the encouragement of my in-laws, I decided to persevere with my photo calendar tradition because its such a great way to remember the best moments of 2016.

Bottom line was, I knew that I didn't want to throw a fancy schmancy birthday party for myself because it will be more work and stress than anything else.

I decided to go for something more fun and simpler - A day out to Strasbourg with my hubby and 2 of my closest couple friends!


We had such a perfect day! One full day without children. No stroller. No diaper bag. No looking out for children who disappear among the masses. No feeding someone else before myself. No additional job other than to take care of my own needs.


The only thing was that we had to plan our outing way in advance. We informed our friends and locked in the date a month in advance.

Having 3 kids make the logistics of having a babysitter way harder than with 2 kids. We knew we didn't want to trouble my in-laws for the entire day and evening. So we decided that my in-laws would take care of the kids during the day while my neighbour D. would take over in the evening.

Closer to the date, we hoped and pray none of the children or babysitter would fall sick. Our friend, D. broke her finger one day before my Strasbourg day! She actually had to babysit with her finger in a cast!

Sushi! (What else?)

I was the birthday girl so I decided on the dining venue! We went straight for my favourite sushi restaurant where I could satisfy my grilled yakitori and sushi craving! YUM!

See all our happy faces! No kids = Freedom!

Sushi boat!

Christmas market

After lunch, we headed straight for the Christmas market. Strasbourg has such a gorgeous Christmas market and oh boy! Was it jam-packed! I was so thankful that we didn't have our children with us! The terror alert in France is still on high, so there was armed police all around and they cordoned off the Christmas market. We could could enter and exit by going through police check-points.

I think this is actually a very good precautionary measure seeing what happened in the Christmas market in Berlin. We really do live in precarious times these days!

Absolutely love this shot!

Drinking mulled wine (Gl├╝hwine) in the cold

Finally a couple shot again!

After about 2 hours of walking around in sub-zero temperatures, we headed straight for the mall to thaw ourselves. I didn't dress myself warmly enough, so my toes felt they were going to fall off!

There's this superbly yummilicious chocolate waffles in the main shopping mall in Strasbourg, Riverie. This is INCREDIBLE! My friends were getting so hungry that they wanted to go for crepes at the Christmas market but I told them to wait for the chocolate waffles.

And it was SO. worth the wait! I dream about this waffle until today! They really should open an outlet in Stuttgart!

I didn't share my waffle with my hub!

We shopped for about an hour, during which of course we bought a winter jacket for Samuel. What else right? Well, to be fair, that boy needs a warmer winter jacket. His previous one didn't make the cut and I always felt so sorry for that boy.

We didn't have any dinner reservations. Somehow we thought that it would be no problem to find somewhere to dine since we don't have kids right? - Wrong!

All the restaurants were packed to the brim! The French are world-renowed for their culinary skills so you can imagine that the last weekend before Christmas was filled with people wanting to eat out!

Thank God really that after about 30 minutes of looking for a parking space and restaurant, we did find somewhere that had space for all 6 of us.

We ordered sparkling wine and everybody just had a jolly good time! I can't remember the last time I had hours of undisturbed conversation with adults! No, "Mummy, xx did this. XX did that". I could actually talk in peace!

That was epic! From the time we got into the car, to the time we got home, we were all just talking and enjoying each others' company.

I'm so so so grateful for this group of friends that we have. These people are also our childrens' Godparents and they would go out of their way to help us. We can really count on them to go above and beyond the call of duty to be there for us. We're so grateful! They are actually friends we got to know from our cell group! Thank God for kingdom friendships!

My dessert on the left: Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream (seriously the best!)
Hubby had the good old favourite, Creme Brulee

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Liam - 8 months

My 8 month old baby!

I could kiss that face all day!
Dear Liam

You're 8 months old! 

I'm so sorry that your developmental updates have been far and few between. That's one of the perils of being a third child. Your two older brothers keep me so busy that I hardly have time to do anything!

What can I say. Without trying to compare, you're such a dream baby. 8 months on and you're still such a chilled and laid-back kiddo. You're seriously our first baby who can fall asleep while lying down on the floor! We are so amazed at how you're able to soothe yourself to sleep so easily.

See what I mean?

That said, you're not sleeping through the night yet. You still wake up at least once or twice to have a full boob feed before going back to sleep. I'm not complaining though. I somehow do enjoy the late night feeds when the whole world just revolves around you and me. Call me crazy but I know it will be all too soon when you do sleep through the night and I'll miss those night wake ups!

The past few weeks saw you making your biggest development yet.

You started crawling! My baby is crawling!

Since you're probably our last baby, I've been trying to drag out your milestones. I would not even leave you on your belly, such that you took your own sweet time to learn how to turn over. You would be so contented just lying on your back and staring at the ceiling or grabbing the hanging toys on the Fisherprice rainforest playgym - which was honestly the best thing we had for you.

However, one day you decided that enough was enough. You didn't want to lie down on your belly while your brothers were moving all around you. You pulled the playmat so hard, you managed to propel yourself forward. And all that effort was made just so that you could reach your pacifier! Mummy was contemplating running to get the video camera but it was such a beautiful moment that I simply had to cherish that moment!

And since that first commando crawl, you've become so fast by now! Mummy has to keep a lookout for bits and pieces on the floor that you might put in your mouth! Also, we've got to be extra careful to not walk around too quickly, because you might be right behind us and we could accidentally trample on you.

Your two brothers are so affectionate towards you. While Gabriel and Samuel might be all loggerheads with each other, somehow you can get away with anything with both of them. Gabriel allows you to hit and scratch him with your unstable arms and he doesn't complain. If Samuel does the same thing, Gabriel will hit him back with the strongest Rambo punch. Needless to say, Mummy has been doing quite a bit of shouting, refereeing.

Look how you get away with anything!

Now that you're crawling though, Gabriel has started taking away toys from you claiming that the toys belong to him. Uh oh. I'm seeing the next phase of brotherhood developing before my very eyes. I'm hoping that your brothers would continue to treat you with grace and acceptance since you are afterall the baby of the family.

You're such a smiley baby. Many people have commented on your cheery disposition. And that's so true baby boy. I don't remember you having a bad day. You might have bad moments but it's generally easy to calm you down.

Your favourite activity is going on the huge swing with your brothers. Even though the weather has taken a turn for the colder, we still try to go to our favourite playground where all 3 of you get to go on the swing together. Your two brothers would ride their balancing bicycle and scooter to the playground and ride the same way back again. This way, all of us have some outdoor time and your brothers get to burn some of those energy.

Your favourite swing! Check out your bug-eyed shoes!
Looking all snug in your Mongolian cap

Look at that DIY belt Mummy fashioned out for you!

We can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas with you. We're constantly so thankful and grateful to our beloved Lord for giving us 3 beautiful boys to love and care for.

We pray the Lord will continue to grow your happy and sweet nature. May your life be such a fragrance to the Lord. We love you our littlest one!

Mummy & Daddy


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