Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dear Liam - 4 years old (amidst corona shutdown)

Love this boy

We've been on Corona lockdown mode for the past 5 weeks.

The first week was the toughest. I had no idea how to manage helping the two older ones with their homework while having to take care of the two younger ones. That plus the crazy increase in housework with having to maintain a certain level of tidiness with 4 kids at home at all time, cook two warm meals daily and not having a cleaner (we asked her to take a break), resulted in a pretty frazzled me for a while. 

But somehow we survived. I guess it helped that the hub was also working from home part-time, so I wasn't always alone with the kids.

Fast-forward 5 weeks and the German government has announced that the schools will stay shut down until May at least. I have no idea if my boys will go back to school for this school term anymore. In any case, I've gotten quite used to our usual routine by now. 

To be honest, even though I'm an extrovert by nature, being a stay-home-Mom has tamed me down a lot. I do not have any close friends who live within close proximity and while I'm thankful to be able to make small talk with some familiar faces in my neighbourhood, I must say that my children are my primary source of companion. Them and God of course! 

Being a SAHM for 8 years has prepared me for this corona lockdown I must say. I'm already home all the time and am used to spending time alone with my kids. However, the biggest change is having to be the primary educator of my kids even though German isn't my mother tongue. 

I have an influx of Emails from both teachers and finding time to sort through my Emails isn't easy. My Archilles Heel is knowing that I'm not a native German speaker and I keep thinking I would be better able to help my children if only I understood German as easily as English. But that said, I think this means that I'm constantly dependant on God since the Bible says, in my weakness, His strength is made perfect right?

This time has not been easy mentally either. I do think sometimes if Liam's birthday might be the last birthday I'll celebrate with him. Or what if I'm one of the few people who do not make it through this unpredictable virus? I'm not being pessimistic, but the reality is we do not know how long we have to live on this Earth. And being a Mom I know one of my biggest fears is not to be able to watch my children grow up and get married. My mom passed away just a month before I got married, so I certainly don't take it for granted that everybody gets to become a grandparent. 

That said, I've been nursing a weird cough for the past 2 weeks. And half of me hopes that it could be the corona cough? Cos then, I know I'm done with it. And the other half is, "Nah, it can't be...." 

But the bible says, if you faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. And my prayer is that somehow supernaturally, my family and I will have natural antibodies to this virus. I speak from experience that this is really possible. When I was pregnant with Isabelle, a kid in Gabriel's kindergarten got infected with the 5th disease - It is a pretty rare disease that causes skin rashes in children but when contracted when pregnant has the potential to be extremely dangerous for the unborn fetus. I was so worried! And to make matters worse, Liam broke up with a weird rash all over his face on the same day I went to the doctor to test my bloods to see if I got the virus! Writing about this still gives me chills! 

My prayer back then was only that I would not have any sign of infection in my blood. But guess what? Not only did I not have any infection, I was even immune to it!! Like seriously! How is that even possible, you may ask? I have no idea! I believe God gave me the antibodies supernaturally! How cool was that right? 

And somehow I believe I have this Praise report because I know the same God who got me through the 5th disease, will get me /us through this corona crap! 

We've been praying Psalm 91 daily as a family and its so comforting! 

Oh one thing we have incorporated into our family life? We take the time before we eat dinner to have a round of applause. Usually one kid would start, "Round of applause for Mummy for cooking such yummy food." And everybody would clap. And the next person would say, "Round of applause to Daddy for earning the money for the food." *clap clap* and on it goes until everybody has a round of applause. This thing just started randomly and somehow stuck. I thought it was such a nice way to appreciate everybody at the end of the day. 


When we were preparing for Liam's birthday (before the corona outbreak), this was our conversation. 

Me: Where would you like to celebrate your birthday?

Liam: At home

Me: You sure? You don't want to go somewhere fun? We could go to the park, have a picnic, nice playground? 

Liam: No. I want to celebrate at home.


During home quarantine after corona shutdown in Ge

Me: Liam, nobody can come for your birthday you know. Grandma and grandpa can't come. It will just be us celebrating your birthday.

Liam: That's OK. (Showing an understanding face).

Me: Really??

Liam: Yeah. I'm so excited to celebrate my birthday at home.


He got one present mailed to him from my in-laws.

Me: Liam you can go downstairs to the store to pick one more present for yourself ok?

Liam: But I already have one present.

Me: Oh but you can have another one!

Liam: Oh wow! I can have 2 presents!

Me: (speechless)

He ended up having 3 presents because my dad called from Singapore and said he would like to sponsor a present for the little one, so you can imagine his happiness! 
The mom in me just hopes to instil inner contentment and simple joys in the hearts of my little ones. Happiness doesn't lie in the size of a party or the number of presents one is lavished with.

I felt sad that we couldn't have guests over for his birthday this year. So that's why I decided to decorate the place & make the day as memorable as possible.

Liam enjoyed being in the center of attention for the day and getting calls from family and friends made him feel so special. It's such a poignant reminder for myself that as much as life can be isolating / uncertain as it in right now, God has still blessed us with so much we can be thankful for. I will always be thankful & grateful to God for this gift to be a Mom and to learn and grow with my kids.

We bought this letter garland which is sooo practical! If you look closely, you can see that each letter can be detached and re-used. That's fantastic for multiple kids in a family. You can have a professional-looking garland without having to go through the hassle of making it yourself. 

Look at how proud Liam looked! He wore a DIY knight crown that we made together once at craft group. The Hot Wheels toy is what he got from us and my Dad. 

I told them to look crazy

Somehow they always need to make rabbit ears

Look at that death stare! LOL. 

I baked a brownie chocolate cake and decorated it with M&Ms. Liam wanted to have a chocolate strawberry cake but strawberries are not in season yet so we compromised with M&Ms. I also baked some German vanilla Kipferls - traditional German Christmas cookies because I had to get rid of some ground hazelnuts. 

The boys played with sparklers!

Isabelle was so fascinated by the sparklers but Liam was positively terrified

Let's try to ignore Isabelle's picking of her nose. Lol. 

Finally, one photo with me in it!

Liam couldn't take his eyes off the scary sparklers!

My big boy!

Blowing candles must be one of the best things ever as a birthday kid!

The boys totally enjoyed playing with the new toy!

Dear Liam

You are such a sweet kid. You lavish Mummy with hugs and kisses and I'm so enjoying it until the day when you don't do it anymore. You still sleep next to Mummy's bed because you haven't started kindergarten yet. Our deal was that when you start kindergarten, you can graduate to the big boy bed, but since that is nowhere in sight, Mummy shall continue to enjoy having you as my roommate. 

Once in your half sleep, you came over and said, "Mummy, I really like you very much", hugged me and you went back to sleep after that. Can you imagine how Mummy's heart melted into a million pieces? 

You really enjoy learning how to cook and bake! 

Whenever you see me in the kitchen, you would ask if you can help me and would proceed to wash your hands first! Mummy appreciates having a little elf and who knows, maybe you'll be a chef one day! 

You made banana muffins here

Here you were using a real knife to chop up veggies!

Look at how happy you were making chicken nuggets! And yes, you finished breading the nuggets all by yourself! And you persevered until you were done with almost 1kg of chicken breast! 

End product! 

You love doing crafts! 

We usually do craft together every Tuesday afternoon with a very nice Russian lady. But the Family Center has been closed since the shut down. We really need to start doing crafts by ourselves again! 

 Life as the youngest of 3 boys 

My 3 blessings

The boys are sooo good at games by now! 

You are the youngest of 3 boys. As much as you love having 2 older brothers to look up to, it hasn't been a bed of roses for you either. You are always trying your darnest to catch up with them and you feel frustrated when you can't. 

You picked up cycling just a few days before the shutdown. Thank God! Wow! We tried to get you to cycle a few weeks prior but you were too scared. Somehow though, when we tried again, you picked it up sooo quickly! And what better timing because all playgrounds are closed and there's hardly anywhere we can go to. Since then, we've been cycling as family of 6! 

Once, Gabe had to use the toilet desperately so he decided to speed home with Sam, leaving you to cycle home with Mummy. I didn't see it as a problem, but boy oh boy. You were so upset! You cried buckets and was so overcome by your emotions! You simply couldn't understand why your brothers left you behind. Mummy's patience was honed up a notch because she had to wait in the cold for you to calm down before we could resume our cycling again. 

This was the first time I realised how a seemingly small incident can have such an effect on the mind of a 4-year old. I realised if I were in your shoes, I would of course feel so upset at the whole situation as well. Needless to say, that was the first and last time your brothers sped home without us (you). 

You have also learnt how to play Monopoly, chess, this German game called, "Dame". It's becoming so much more fun to play with you! 

Life as an older brother to a 1-year old sister

I'm so proud of how you've grown in your role as older brother to Isabelle. It's not easy being dethroned from being baby of the family but you have really done it with grace. You absolutely adore your baby sister and would look for her once you've woken up. With your two older brothers usually at school (before corona), your constant playmate has been Isabelle, who has also started playing with regular lego at the age of one. You two share an amazing bond. 

You're mild in temperament, so even when you've had your tantrums, you've been able to listen to reason and make wise decisions. We pray that you'll learn to hear the still small voice of God at a young age and you won't be fazzled by problems but you'll always live a life of faith, knowing that with God you can climb every mountain.

We love you very much young man! 
Mummy & Daddy 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The end of a decade - A recap of our past 10 years!

We went to church last Sunday where the pastor preached about how we are not only at the dawn of a new year but a new decade! 2020. The 2010s are going to be over in less than 24 hours.

I had to think about how old I will be when we are done with the 2020s. Yikes. I'll be in my late 40s!

He went on talking about how we need to be intentional about our time. Prioritising our important goals before mindless scrolling of social media (for myself). As I'm typing this, it's the 30th of December and I saw a couple of my friends' book list for 2019. I'm ashamed to say that I have yet to finish reading one book! One of them, a mom of 5 read 50 books this year. That's 4 books a month! 1 book a week. My first thought was, "How on earth does she carve out the time?"

But it really all boils down to priorities, doesn't it? If I'm honest with myself, if I was intentional with my reading, I would bring my book to the playground when the kids play and read on the bench. Or to the Family Centre downstairs where the kids play quite independently anyway.

I thought what better way to commemorate the past 10 years than to have a little recap! I inserted some links to my blog entries, so feel free to have a read!

2010 - God answered our prayers and we got pregnant with our first babe! 

After struggling to get pregnant for 1.5 years, we finally got pregnant at Christmas! I won't mince words. I was teaching for 3.5 years and somewhere somehow, I lost so much motivation because I didn't like the work environment. I kept toying with the idea of changing jobs but somehow didn't have the peace about it since we were also trying to conceive and I really want to have some maternity benefits. That meant though, that I was quite miserable for the 1.5 years that took us to get pregnant.

But guess what? God really rewards perserverance! That's because I could continue to claim maternity benefits with my school for up to 3 children! I didn't have to pay insurance (since I was insured by the state) and when the school shut down, they paid me more than 8 years of compensation even though I technically only taught for 3.5 years! It's truly God's providence! - Even if I only saw it at the end.

Little Sam was already growing in my belly in this pix!

2011 - I became a first-time Mom to Sam! 

Our first family photo as parents!

Oh boy, were we clueless! Like massively clueless! I had nooo idea that a newborn wakes up every 2-3 hours to be fed. Can you believe it? I kept praying for baby to sleep longer and was shocked at how frequently baby woke up and needed a diaper change / feed!

Motherhood hit me like a rock. It was / is the most challenging, rewarding, crazy and mad adventure I've ever been on. The first year after Sam's birth, I just knew I had to cling onto God every single day for strength and grace and more grace.

2012 - I got pregnant again! 

We were told to wait for 1 year after Sam was born by caesarean. So being the obedient people we were, we waited!

And once he turned one, we tried to get pregnant again and were gobsmacked when it worked out immediately! Funnily enough, we found out we were pregnant with Gabriel while we were on holiday in Teneriffe, Spain and while drinking (a lot) of wine. Sam and Gabriel have a 22-month old age gap and boy oh boy, 2013 was interesting!

Our photo shooting in Teneriffe when Sam was 1 and I was 4 weeks preggy with Gabriel

I turned 30!

I ushered in the 30s with a fabulous P-party! P for "Priscilla" you see. Every guest had to come dressed in a character that started with "p". It was the first time I had a costume party and I totally loved it! Everybody was so sporting and came dressed to the nines! It made me realise that after 6 years in Germany, I do have friends!

2013 - Gabriel, our second boy was born! 

Our first photo of the 2 boys together! 

Gabriel's birth was a story of healing. I had a traumatic birth with Samuel that resulted in an unplanned C-section, so I was sooo scared to give birth again to my #2. My heart prayer was that I wouldn't have to be cut up again and can have a natural birth. Gabriel's birth was such a healing experience for me!!! Thank you God! I don't know if I would have a 3rd, let alone 4th baby if I had more than one caesarean.

2014 - The Lord blessed us with a place of our own! 

We are so thankful we got a place of our own after renting for about 8 years. We moved into our new place with 2 children and are going to leave our current place with 4 children!

2015 - I got pregnant with Liam! 

Our birth announcement that confused so many people! Somehow for each pregnancy, the Lord gave us a special verse for each baby. This was the verse we had for Liam. It was so apt because we had a pregnancy scare with him. It resulted in us changing my gynaecologist because I wasn't happy with her bedside manners. She was discussing "exploring our options" (ie. abortion) even before we knew whether Liam was healthy or not. I held on to the verse we got for him and prayed God's protection over him. It all turned out to be a scare and Liam was born a healthy baby boy in March 2016! 

"I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence." Ps 16:8

2016 - Liam was born! 

I thought I had a good birth with Gabriel. Liam's one turned out even better with me not needing epidural. I experienced the full-blow of a vaginal birth and it was one of the most empowering experiences I've ever had. I had / have so much respect for the body God has given to me and I'm so in awe that God used me to birth 3 boys!

2017 - The year I worked from home! 

I started my own work-from-home business selling beauty products to slim, firm and tone the belly and to lose weight / get healthier. It was a wonderful experience when I learnt a lot about social media marketing and how to use Instagram to earn money! I loved all the products I used / sold and realise there's huge market potential to explore! When I got pregnant with Isabelle, I realised I needed to take a break because it was too hard having a pregnancy and taking care of 3 toddlers. It was a great experience nevertheless and I learnt so much!

2018 - I got pregnant and gave birth to our first girl, Isabelle! 

After 3 boys, I must say that I had ZERO hope to be a girl-Mom. I always desired to have a baby girl and I had a very girly childhood growing up with an older sister, but I really didn't know if I could have a baby girl. 

Gabriel was the one who prayed for a baby sister specifically. Don't ask me how he had the faith to do so. He just did. And before we knew it, Isabelle was conceived on 1.1.18 and born on 25.9.18! It was such an answered prayer! 

I had a smooth birth with Isabelle but I must have injured my tail bone during the birth that resulted in months of physio, chiropractic, osteopathic treatments. I'm still trusting and praying for 100% recovery. 

Isabelle is such a dream come true though. Her 3 brothers adore her so and she fits in so well playing with the boys and yet adding her own feminine touch with her constant need to hold anything with a handle and pretending that it's a handbag. 

2019 - We are building a house of our own! (no photos yet)

Oh yeah, that's our next big project! We've been living in our current apartment for 5 years and felt the need to have a bigger place. God opened the door for us to buy our second home 10-mins from our current place. It's still a huge work-in-progress but we are trusting God step by step to see this project to completion! 

And that's our last 10 years!!! Phew! I did it! It's such an eye-opener (even for myself) to see how the Lord has guided our steps for the past decade! I think that's why we, as Christians should read the Bible regularly so that we are encouraged by the progress and experiences of other Christians who have gone ahead before us. But we all serve the same God who is able and willing to help us through every single challenge in our life and to guide us like a personal shepherd. 

The Bible verse for 2020 is "I believe, please help my unbelief" Mark 9:24 

We pray that as we enter into a new year and a new decade, may we fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who has gone before us, to pave the way for us. He is our Shepherd, our deliverer, our Master and friend and our Eternal Hope. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Dear Isabelle - 1 year old

Dear Isabelle

You, my little princess have turned the big one! It's crazy how fast time flies when you're having fun! You are our 4th baby and we wish time would stand still for you! But you have 3 older brothers to show you the ropes, so you're ever so impatient to join them in everything! Here's a little interview of you at 13 months old!

So, tell me about Isabelle! What is she like?

Isabelle is a relatively calm baby who smiles and laughs a lot. But she's got a pretty determined (ie. stubborn) streak such that once she has set her mind on something, she would not give up until she's succeeds. That explains how she would be gingerly taking her first few steps one day and proceed to cruising through the house in just a matter of days! Her motor skills are really advanced, this one!

She absolutely loves the little Ikea chair in her brothers' room and would very often climb onto it and place her little butt there! She's also a cheeky little monkey who would climb up the sofa and bed that is three-quarter her height!

What does she like to eat? 

She has a very healthy appetite and eats pretty much anything Mummy cooks! But her all-time favourite food is mango, raspberries, kiwi and bananas (in that order). Her palate is very developed because she eats the same food as the entire family. She loves to self-feed, which results in a lot of cleaning up for Mummy & Daddy!

Does she sleep through the night now? 

She's a great sleeper in that she falls asleep relatively quickly by herself. She still wakes up once a night to nurse but since she is co-sleeping, Mummy and Isabelle do not wake up much at night. At the moment, she seems to be teething so that explains her more frequent night wake-ups.

What's her routine like?

She doesn't have a fixed routine because she's often following Mummy and Liam to do things around the house and pick up her older brothers from school. She absolutely loves going on the swing and would squeal in delight whenever we place her on one.

How do the boys treat their sister?

The two older boys pretty much dote on their younger sister. Unfortunately this results in them trying to parent her as well. The youngest boy, Liam is more of a play buddy with Isabelle because they only have a 2.5-year age gap.

Does she talk? 

She loves saying "Mama" and "Dada". While she seems to know that "Mama" refers to "Mummy", "Dada" seems more of blabbering for her. She understands the meaning of "no" and has (finally) stopped putting lego into her mouth. You can tell that she's processing a lot of information in her brain when you talk to her. I have no doubt that she will be a talker because she blabbers from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed - a typical girl really!

What does it feel like to have a girl after 3 boys? 

Honestly, it still feels really surreal for me. Even after 1 year, I still find it hard to believe we have a baby girl in our family! Its definitely very fun to be able to dress her up in girls' clothes. I'm going to milk it as long as it lasts (ie. before she insists on choosing her own clothes). It does feel like being a first-time Mom all over again because Isabelle gives a feminine flavour to our testoterone-dominant family.

How did you celebrate her first birthday? 

It was a very chilled affair! We had immediate family members and close friends over.

The hub baked a Russian cheesecake and brownies. I was in-charge of the decorations - which we got from Amazon. This time, I went all out to have a pink party!  It was so fun! And girly! But guess what? The helium itself cost way more than the balloons! Argh. Lesson learnt!

Our guests stayed for dinner. But this time, instead of cooking dinner, we decided to just heat up some frozen pizza! It was the BEST.THING.EVER! I could actually enjoy the party with my baby girl and talk to my guests! I think this will be the muster of our future parties. Just more chill and no more slogging in the kitchen food-wise.

At first, I thought I should do bake the birthday cakes and cook dinner. But the hub kept telling me to keep it simple. Soo, I really had to get over myself and my Asian cook-up-a-storm mindset, to simply feed my guests. Germans are happy with Abend Brot (evening bread with cold cuts of ham and cheese). So, I'm a happy camper to feed my German family and friends.

Sounds awesome! How are you coping as a Mom to 4, 8 and under? 

Hmm, what can I say. It is a lot of juggling and being on the ball. Some days are just crazy madness. Some days, like Wednesdays are awesome! Since last week, my in-laws have started taking the two younger ones in the afternoon, while the 2 older ones stay in school longer. I actually had my first-ever kids-free day in years!! I'm so definitely going to book myself in for a massage soon!

I'm always praying to God for wisdom, strength, lotssss of patience and grace for the parenting tasks at hand. I make a lot of mistakes! But I'm constantly reminded that God is my children's Father and I'm just a steward that He has chosen for my children. God sustains me and my husband day after day. Motherhood is honestly the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life and yet the most challenging one at the same time.

Dear Isabelle

We pray that you will know that you are so loved by all of us and by our Heavenly Father! Don't define yourself by the world's definition of beauty, because God looks at the heart. I pray that you will be a mighty princess warrior for God, but always have a gentle and quiet spirit that draws your strength from Christ. Grow well little one! Enjoy your toddlerhood and try not to skip all these milestones in your hurry to keep up with your 3 older brothers ok. We need you to stay young and babyish for a little longer.

Mummy & Daddy


So proud of my little pink party! 

The boys were so excited about the candles

My DIY decoration! Liam and Gabriel both did the center pieces.


It's all about presentation right? Brownies on top and Russian cheesecake at the bottom

This was a last-minute savoury dish. Egg mayo with spring onions to be eaten with the brown crackers. The flower bouquet was also DIY!

My 6, 3.5 and 8 year old!

She was quite dazed because she had just taken a nap and woke up to her birthday celebrations!

My ex-pastor came along with his wife! It was soo good to touch base with them again!
My church mates!

Mummy is so happy to score your 5€ Zara jacket!! 
See how much you have grown in the past 12 months?

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dear Gabriel - 6 years old

This post is sooo late. It's already end September and Gabriel's 6th birthday was back in early July. But I've always had an update of the kids on their birthday, so here goes!

It's so true that the days are long but the years are short. Gabriel will always be our chilli padi. We had a very difficult first year with him when he cried a lot! I remember thinking I'm so thankful that Gabriel isn't our firstborn, because he might very well be our last!

Fast forward 6 years and he has just started elementary school. He's truly excited about joining his older brother in school. Having a 22-month age gap between them really paid off. They experience milestones so closely together and can go to the same kindergarten and school. I pray that they will have such a wonderful relationship that lasts the test of time and they would be each other's closest supporters and encouragers in life!

For myself, I always feel the pinch that I don't have more one-on-one time with my second-born. He's one who thrives on personal time since he's not much of an extrovert like Sam is. He was also breastfed the longest of all my kids - so far. I think he could even say "boob" when he wanted milk! Lol. Before he started kindergarten, he would be a night owl like myself and we would fall asleep together, with him holding my hand.

This year, we decided to throw a kids birthday party just for him instead of doing a combined birthday party with Sam in August. Reason being that he would not see most of his kindergarten friends anymore and we were in Singapore in August.


Dear Gabriel

You have turned six! We are so proud of the person you've become. The past year saw you growing as a child because Isabelle was born. Somehow, having a 5-year age gap with Isabelle, you've really blossomed in your role as an older brother. Yes, you have a younger brother in Liam but you and Liam seem to be at loggerheads, whereas you really love being the older one towards Isabelle. Well, that's not entirely true. You and Liam play AMAZINGLY well together a lot of times too. You love playing lego and chess together. Chess! You actually taught Liam how to play Chess. I think you secretly enjoy winning all the time, while Liam does not seem to mind losing since he just enjoys being able to play chess at all!

You love to talk and have the wildest of all imaginations. You looked up in the night sky once and claimed that you saw an astronaut! You express yourself in drawing. Honestly boy, you draw wayyy better than anybody in the family! Your pictures are so creative and they capture your imagination! I need to take some photos and post them here!

You have officially started elementary school for 1.5 weeks now. It has been a huge change for all of us. Your kindergarten used to be a stone's throw from home. Right now, your school is a 10-minute drive away. Our final goal is to get you to go to school with your older brother by public transport. We are still figuring out the logistics of it all because you and your brother have different starting and ending school times. It's been nothing short of a headache.

Personality-wise, you are more reserved and introverted. You take more time to familiarise yourself to a new environment and find new friends. That's totally fine baby. We pray that you'll find close friends who'll encourage you to be the best version of yourself. You love doing your homework, but need help to finish a task once you've started it.

Your love of craft and design continues to shine through. We think that you might be interested in creative art or design when you grow older. Swimming continues to be your favourite sport, mainly because that's the only sport you can do. Hah. We are all trying to take things slow now that we have 2 school-going kids and 4 kids in total.

Seeing your brother at the brink of being a tween, I'm too aware that time with you will fly by too quickly as well. We pray that God will give us wisdom for parenting you all.

Organising your birthday party was a breeze! You had about 4 friends on your invite list, so we had a wonderful children party! Daddy and I decided to plan some games for you guys. However, all but one game went bust.

Your birthday is right in the middle of summer so we wanted to milk that by doing some water bombs. Unfortunately, we were not able to fill up the water balloons with water! What a bummer! The water balloons we bought were too small to fit into the tap! Try as we did, it was seriously to no avail. Hence, there went our first game!

Our second game was newspaper game. You all had to dance to the music and as soon as the music stopped, you would have to stand on the newspaper - 2 people to one newspaper. With each round, the newspaper would get halved, then quartered and even smaller. It was so fun watching you children have a blast!

Our third game was passing the balloons and when the music stopped, one child would have to burst the balloon and do the task written on the paper in the balloon. This game went bust as well because we were not able to execute it! It was too windy downstairs so the balloons kept flying away! We decided to salvage the remaining balloons and continue the game in the garden next to our house. Unfortunately, as soon as we threw the balloons over the fence, each balloon starting bursting after the next because the grass / shrubs were too sharp for it! You should have seen Daddy's face when that happened. He looked positively pissed. Lol.

That was when we decided we would call it day games-wise and just let you children play at the playground. That was really the best idea really. You children simply wanted to have fun having unstructured play. After that, it was presents opening time and you kids spent a full 30 mins just playing with the lego that you got! You could choose some presents that you wanted at Müller (a drugstore) so your friends could get them for you. Needless to say, all your presents were legos! Nothing else!

We love you so much our beautiful second boy. You had so much fun at your birthday! We pray that you'll adjust well to your new primary school and make like-minded friends who would encourage you to be the best version of yourself!

Mummy & Daddy
Gabe and all his friends - 4 from kindergarten and 2 from church 
Clowning around

I must say he hangs out with cool, well-behaved kids! 

We had simple kids-friendly food - fruit salad, chips and a Russian Zupfkuchen (cheesecake with chocolate!) 

Look at that grin! 

Newspaper game - starting off by dancing to the music on a big piece of newspaper

The newspaper gets progressively smaller

Getting creative with limited leg space 

Trying the balloon game before the balloons started to fly away

Ready, set, go!

Before finally deciding on playground time instead

All the fun just running around with a ball

Ending off with lego time - pardon the mess! It's our office / housework space


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