Friday, December 24, 2010

Home-made Christmas cards

I started a mini-tradition since I moved to Germany - making my own Christmas cards. It probably boiled down to the fact that I had more time on my hands and I wanted to make something personalized for people who were close to me.

This year, however, I hardly had any time! Between my job and birthday party, I'm shocked that Christmas eve is today! I bought my materials in advance but only managed to make 3 cards a few weeks' ago while leaving the rest of the materials in a plastic bag.

One day before Christmas eve however, I decided to make a few more cards so that I can write on them and give them to some of my friends at church tomorrow.

As you can tell from the cards, they might not be as nice as those from previous years (due to the last-minuteness of it all) but they were still made with love!

I have also only managed to make a grand total of 10 cards! Hmmm...that's a bit pathetic considering that I made about 20 cards each of the last few years.

Still, here's wishing all of you a superb Merry Christmas! May you know that God loves you!
 See I liked this design so much, I did it twice! 
I like this one too!  
I find this one very classy and meaningful!
I played around with a ribbon-theme this time.
A bit more funky and cute
The ribbon on the bottom right-hand corner makes this card special.
A nice personalized card for my dear friends all the way in New Zealand!
 This is not too bad
I edited the above card and it looks gorgeous now!
 And this card is for a special person. Can you tell? 
 For some special friends in Canada
 Personalized cards are cool too, don't you think?
For our dearly-missed guest this year!
Every good and perfect gift comes from above, the Father of lights


Ai Ling said...

I see our card!!! :) Thanks for thinking of us each year. Really blessed by your friendship Pris and Stephan! And I LOVE LOVE the white Christmas photos..... so lovely!!!!

Pris said...

Oh nice!!! :) Hah, wanted to make a customized one for you all this time. But ALL my cards are late lah!!! Hmmm..... hope to post them before the year is over! You all are special to us mah!!! :)


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