Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Creative Christmas Service

Now with Christmas around the corner, we had a mini Christmas-cum-creative-worship session 2 Sundays ago. This was the service where hubby played a modern role of Jesus, which I "announced" on my Facebook. And which, surprisingly-enough, the first comments were not about "Jesus" or "What is it about?" but about "How did Jesus look?" and "Wasn't he supposed to be thin?" - You get the idea. It was funny.

Enjoy the lovely photos and the last few days of Advent! May you be reminded that God loves you and Jesus was born on Christmas to pave the way for us to have a personal relationship with God.
 Don't you just love the way Germans know how to decorate? Everybody had to bring a cake / bread to share. And oh boy! Did we have sooo much sweet goodies!
 My no-bake cheesecake, which wasn't fantastic. I still prefer the baked ones.
 Traditional German Christmas cookies. The typical German housewife will bake these by the batches. They taste pretty nice, but I do find them a bit dry.
The theme of the service was "Your Identity in Christ" and each cell group had to come up with a little something depicting this theme. There were skits, songs, poems and even a picture that everybody painted together for the pastor and his new house. The above picture is that of a youth cell group (not ours) singing a song and playing musical instruments to accompany it.

I will attempt to upload the video of my cellgroup's item as soon as Blogger decides to cooperate with me.

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