Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home-made Christmas cards

I wouldn´t say that I´m a very creative person. Arts and craft was always something that I struggled with in school.

However, sometimes I get this burst of creative energy that needs to be released by cutting paper, mixing and matching colours, experimenting with different types of materials, glue and stickers.

AND the satisfaction one gets from seeing the end product? Priceless.

So this year, I decided to continue my tradition of making my own Christmas cards. Man, if I didn´t enjoy doing it so much, it doesn´t make much sense, economically-speaking, since the materials cost a BOMB here!

However, yeah I´m still old-fashioned in that I believe that a proper card beats an e-card hands down and a home-made card still beats a mass-produced, commercialized card.

Or maybe I´m just influenced by all those German women who DIY almost everything by themselves!

So if you receive one of my 15 limited edition cards this year, you know that you´re precious to me and you´re worth the effort I´ve put in to design and hand-make them for YOU!

Some of my favourite designs for your viewing pleasure:-

The rest of the card I made..... You can click on it for a larger view.

What do you think? Could I start up my own card-making business?? hee. Want one of my cards? Drop me a message on my blog and I´ll choose one person to send a card to!


Steph said...

WOW, am I so impressed ! You are very creative and they are definitely more attractive than the ones selling in the shops.
I spy one that has our names on it hee hee, so cool seeing it virtually before I receive it in the post ;)
Thank you in advance for all the time and effort you put in !

Pris said...

Dear Steph! :)
Thanks a lot! Yeah! Hahah, that personalized card is for you! :)

Oh I receive your present in the mail today. THANKS a lot! That´s the first time someone posted a present for my birthday since I moved overseas!!!!

Thanks for the earrings. But, one broke though!!! Technically, it only cracked, so I can still wear it. :) So thoughtful of you!

Steph said...

Hey Pris glad the present arrived but so pai seh that it cracked leh, so sorry !!!
Hope you have a lovely birthday celebration on yr actual birthdate.

Tina said...

I love the little baby pinguins you made :)!

Pris said...

Dear Tina!
Oh nice to get your comment! :) Unfortunately, I´ve already written those penguin cards for my friends´ with kids!!!

Manis said...

alamak girl, yr birthday?? Happy Belated Birthday! BTW, tomorrow i will be going to scrapbooking 'xmas' theme course. I didn't know abt it but a schoolmate of mine brought her own scrapbooking and from there comes the motivation. I asked her to buzz me if she's going to any of the scrapbooking class and the weekend she told me she has booked 2 seats. am looking forward to it. You hv good day babe.

Beau Lotus said...

Haha I am so lucky to receive one of them :-)

Very nicely done, you've got talent, Pris.



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