Monday, November 08, 2010

Wan Ton Noodles

That's my home-cooked Wan Ton noodles. Don't they look sooo authentic??? This used to be my grandma's favourite food when she was still alive. And it only took me about 15mins to prepare everything!

I don't always spend a lot of time cooking. If I could, I would rather do a million other things than slave away in the kitchen. But, I do enjoy food. Especially food which I crave for and which I can't get in restaurants here. So anything fast, delicious and easy to prepare always tops my list of things to cook.

Basically I used almost the same preparation method as this recipe (with flat noodles).

I made some minor adjustments.

1. For the yellow noodles, I bought the frozen ones and boiled it according to the packet's instructions. I seasoned it with light soya sauce, oyster sauce, quite a bit of vinegar and some sambal chilli. Surprisingly, the vinegar made the noodles taste very authentic!

2. For the stock, I used this Korean soup stock (picture left) that I bought from Singapore. Its a bit like Ikan Bilis stock but seasoned in a Korean way. And it definitely saved me the time from boiling the stock from scratch. You can basically use any powdered granules to make the stock. This is just for the dumplings and the stock is a side dish, so one doesn't drink so much of it anyway.

3. For the Chinese dumplings, instead of making mine from scratch (which I can, but which again takes up so much time), I found a brand of ready-made ones that actually taste pretty good!!!! And pretty reasonably-priced too! (Picture below). If you see this brand at your Asian store, be sure to try it out! Its so easy. You just put them into boiling water for about 10-15mins and its done!
Yup! So here's my short-cut method of making Wan Ton noodles! Yummy, fast and delicious!


steph said...

your char siew looks good...what cut of pork did you buy? and what seasoning? my MIL makes char siew too but it doesn't look so nice and red. =p

Pris said...

Hi Steph!
Are you Steph from Canada or Steph from France? hmm....

Thanks! I used pork fillet and Lee Kum Kee's Char Siew sauce seasoning. About 3 tbsps for about 500grams of meat.

steph said...

oh, it's me steph from canada..haha =p


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