Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Singapore chilli crabs

Went to the Asian store the other day and found out that they were selling giant crabs!!! Not those miserable little crabs with barely any meat. But H.U.G.E claws!

I quickly got 2 packets and decided to go home and treat ourselves to Singapore Chilli Crabs, courtesy of Prima Taste!

Hubby could finally begin to understand why I'm so crazy about this seafood! When he managed to dig out a huge chunk of crabmeat from one of the pincers, he was raving about the taste of it with the sauce!

It's things like this that I know that God is great!!! He knew that I would crave for crabs and specially brought them to Stuttgart for little Ms Singaporean!

Oh, I'm so proud of my German man! He's really appreciating the finer art of eating!!! He even suggested eating it with French Baguette! Great idea!

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