Friday, November 05, 2010

Paris part 10 - Le Basilic, great French food in Montmartre

Oh man, my Paris trip has got to be the longest string of blog entries I've ever written for a holiday! Nevertheless, I still have a bit more recommendations to write about and I've also decided to link my blog to Tripadvisor, so that I can help other travellers about ideas of where to go and what to eat!

We went for a 3-course set menu and it was absolutely worth it! Pardon me, but I can't remember how much it cost. I'm guessing about 30€ per person.
That's one awesome French restaurant around the corner from Moulin Rouge. Dad and I had a quick dinner while the rest continued a leisurely evening with wine
My starter - Shrimps with orange served on a bed of Feldsalad 
I had a menu of the day, which was grilled chicken with spinach rice. Pretty nice, though I liked the presentation of the food more though!
Loved my sorbet!
After our Moulin Rouge we met the rest again for drinks at a pub nearby. Did I mention it was so fun to hang out with my bro, Dad and French friends in Paris? So chilled, enjoyable and just celebrating being young, healthy and alive!

Le Basilic 
33 , Rue Lepic,  
75018 Paris, France
 01 46 06 78 43  


Manis said...

I love holidays and also good idea to blog abt it if there's easy access to internet. Enjoy your holiday ok.

Room to Think said...

hey! thanks for stopping by. My husband's from Kuching, Malaysia.

Pris said...

Hey Manis!
I don't have holiday anymore! :( Hah. But its good to have time to do the "normal" things.

Pris said...

Room to Think - I drop by your blog quite often! Just that I don't always leave comments that all. :)

Anonymous said...

love it.


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