Monday, October 26, 2009

Dad´s trip part 3 - Meeting the in-laws

So we brought my Dad around Stuttgart after Ulm and finally got some photos together in my hometown. During Dad´s last trip, I don´t think we took a single photo along the Königstraße (main shopping street). That goes to show how little time we actually spent in Stuttgart, opting to go to "nicer" places like Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein (Cinderella castle) etc. instead.

In front of the castle in Stuttgart. Look at how my hubby is just as tall as my Dad. I wonder why I didn´t get the height genes...

In front of the Königsbau in Stuttgart
The next day on Sunday, we went to church where Bayless Conley preached. Oh boy! He´s such an awesome preacher. His sermons are very authentic because he doesn´t preach from a pedestal. He was a drug addict who lived on the streets before he cleaned up his life when a 12-yr old boy told him about Jesus. Picture this, a hippy, long-haired, guy is his 20s who probably looked just like the type of person one tries to avoid at all cost, opening his heart to God when a guy half his age tells him that Jesus loves him.

That´s Bayless on the right and the simutaneous translator on the left
After church we met up with the in-laws. I really cherish these once-a-year meetings when both sides of my family get to meet up. Of course, I would have to assume the role of a translator since my Dad doesn´t understand German.

When we were driving to Ulm, I noticed that Werner was speaking to my Dad in German while pointing at various landmarks. My Dad would nod his head in agreement. At this point I would ask my Dad if he had really understood only to have him confirm my suspicion that he didn´t! As they say only 20% of communication comes from words.

So many of the restaurants that we would have wanted to go to were closed either because it was a Sunday or because of some private function. We were so thankful that we managed to get a table at this German restaurant. This was our second time there, our first time being the celebration of our in-laws 40th wedding anniversary (here). As usual the food was fantastic, but pretty filling! I packaged my leftovers for another meal.

Above: After lunch we decided to go for a walk in Markgröningen, where these "fachwerk Häuser" are. This town, which happens to be Stephan´s workplace, is almost 700 years old. It happens also to be the venue for the famous Schäfferlauf (Shephard´s run). I personally haven´t been to that festival before but made a mental note to myself that we should go there the next time.

All the other Fachwerkhäuser. The one on the right is a model of the city hall in this town. Considering that these buildings are at least 500 years old, the architectural skills that the people possessed during that time continues to astound me.
We ended our day having Singapore chilli prawns cooked using the Prima Taste packet for Singapore Chilli crabs. It tasted very good but it completely burst my spicyness barometer.Its a running gag that each time dad visits, I somehow end up cooking something so spicy that my in-laws faces would turn red upon eating it.....


irene said...

Guden tag Pris, is that right for good evening? i just want to let you know i can tell you are indeed such a delightfully happy and cheerful person. Proverbs 15:15b says.... but the cheerful heart has a continuous feast!!!.So you must be feasting 24/7! i went to your baking labels site, not sure if i left this post there you might read it, so posting it here.

Have never done a chiffon cake and saw how easy or it sounds... am very much a carrot and walnut and cheese cake person. When i saw the group baking photos i thought what a wonderful way to friendship evangelism...The cinnamon rolls reminded me of Ritta my norwegian friend who taught me how to do that.......I too organised a fun baking get together recently, and 6 of us co volunteers got together....don our aprons and apple crumble and scones was the treat for that day. Truly, a real delight to read your blog.....for me esp feasting my eyes on photographs on the cooking and baking fun times......If ever you want a orange rind and raisin scone recipe, i have a yummy one to share!

God bless.......

Pris said...

Dear Irene
Wow! Such a long comment from you! SOOO nice! Its so great to get people writing to me on my blog!

You´re really sweet! I´ve been going through some rough patches in my life lately. Actually over the past 4 mths. But I find it too depressing to write abt it on my blog, hence I don´t really write about negative stuff. Which is perhaps why I sound cheerful 24/7 eh?

But THANKS for your encouragement! I wish we could meet! Could definitely do with more encouragement around me. :)

OH that baking session was a one-off thing. We had so much fun though. But somehow don´t meet up in that group anymore. Yes, yes I would love to have an orange rind and raisin scone recipe!! Love scones...have never made it before....And chiffon cake´s yummy! Not as heavy as normal cakes.


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