Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love my hair (most of the time)

Inspired by Karen Cheng´s post on hair, I´ve decided to do my own frivolous post.

I took some random shots in the bathroom the other day.

If you know me, you´d know that I splurge on my hair. Ok, not in Germany but in Singapore. Whenever I go back for my annual visit, I spend quite a bit (to put it nicely) to re-bond my hair, treat it, cut it.... I call it to my hair makeover - which is one of the highlights of my trip. When I was living in Singapore, I enjoyed going to the hairdresser´s on a bad day / when I´m bored. I would experiment, try out different colours, styles and have even permed my hair once, which actually looked nice too! My hubby willingly obliges because he knows that I only allow myself this privilege once a year. However, willingness alone was not able to prevent him from having to swallow his saliva and take a deep breath when he saw the bill at the hairdresser the first time. It was more than S$300 (150€).

Funnily enough, ever since I moved to Germany I´ve stopped colouring my hair. I guess having black hair makes you stand out here. I try to tell myself that its healthier for my hair not to be coloured but the real reason is because it IS difficult to maintain it if I only have a hair makeover once a year.

But yeah, I´ve come to appreciate my God-given black hair colour, although I still harbour the occasional longing of wanting to look different and wacky. Its not that hard to resist this desire though, since most of the hairdressers in Germany don´t really know how to handle Asian hair. I´m normally left with no choice but to wait til I´m back in Singapore before I can pamper my hair again.


irene said...

Hi again Pris, i have bookmarked you!... Few things to share, Lyla (my new walking partner at 6.30am!!!) has The Shack and will loan it to me, cannot wait to read it. My heartfelt condolence about your mom. My mom went home to our Lord on July 2004 and my way of grieving then was writing....

I read yr God moments, and to let you know how much i enjoyed it...i moved my mini computer from my study table, plonked it on my lap as i was hugged comfortably in my arm chair in the study...My fav writers... Max Lucado and Joyce Meyer, and Pris i enjoyed your blogs because it is so REAL and this is LIFE... In tough times though, remember 2 Cor 12:9 .."My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is MADE PERFECT in weakness"

Orange and Raisin Scones
285 g plain flour
1 1/2 tbsp baking powder
60 g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
70g butter (diced)
70g margarine(diced)
grated rind of 1 large orange
55g raisins
125ml buttermilk
milk for glazing
(220 celcius - 12 15 mins)

Tips to know
- I do not use margarine, but all
of butter (MUST BE COLD and cut
in small sqs)
- Buttermilk is expensive in KL
so 1 - 2 tsp of lemon in milk as
economical substitute.
- you will need to add more flour
even when follow verbatim the
recipe( When dough is not
too sticky or guey, but easy and
soft to handle, then it is ok)

- Combine dry ingredients, add
butter and rub with fingertips
until like breadcrumbs,
- Add rind and raisins, GRADUALLY
add buttermilk to soft
dough (Roll out with r/pin) till
about 3/4 inch or 2cm and cut
with round cutter (or improvise
glass or cup also boleh lah)
- Glaze with milk (save an egg!)
and bake for 12- 15 mins

Really yum yum with cup of tea,
cream/ butter with some raspberry/strawberry jam for afternoon tea or breakfast! Nice served hot...

Enjoy...and God bless you my new young friend!

Sabrina said...


went to a Japanese hairdresser over here before. They are useless with my hair, too. ;)


Pris said...

Hi Irene! Oh wow...you´re really such an encouragment to me. Can´t tell you how much!!! Thanks for sharing that verse with me....really my Rhema word. Ok! I´ll save your recipe for the scones and will try it out when I´ve got the time to!

God bless you too!

Pris said...

Why on earth were you doing at a Japanese hairdresser when you´re living in London?????
Mei Mei


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