Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Proposal

My sweetie and I had a very chilled out weekend.

On Friday we caught "The Proposal", a very witty, charming, modern romantic comedy. Its not your typical laugh-out-loud Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler comedy, but was entertaining nevertheless.

I found the screen pairing of an older Sandra Bullock with a much-younger Ryan Reynolds a little odd. But hey, Ryan Reynolds is such an eye-catcher! Didn´t realize he´s been in the movie industry for the longest time.

The show is about a workaholic boss (Sandra Bullock) who wants to feign marriage to her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to avoid deportation to Canada since her work visa expired and she didn´t renew it early enough. What follows is a weekend in Alaksa with Ryan´s family where the control freak Sandra is the one feeling like a fish out of water.

The ending is predictable but one gets a "ahhh" aftermath. Makes you believe in love, family etc. Great for a couple night out.

On Sat we had a housewarming of one of youths, the one who got married at 20 (click here).

They have such a lovely apartment, cozy and oh so tastefully decorated. I´ve said it before but I´ll say it again. Germans have such an innate taste of home deco. Or maybe this is just a westerners´thing.

For myself, next week will see me back at the throat specialist (ENT) and my GP because my throat´s still the same since I had to stop taking the painkillers. I tried out this website to seek a paid second opinion from a specialist.

A neurologist confirmed that this sounds very much like a viral infection and that I should consult an Internist to confirm this in order to rule out other possibilities. There is no cure to viral infections except lots of rest. What puzzles me is that while an average viral infection lasts between 2-4 weeks, mine has been here for 2 months. I guess that means I´m "urlaubsreif"? - Meaning "ripe for holiday"....don´t you just love this word?

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