Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice

So of the to-die-for Singaporean specialities. The taste of soya sauce chicken dipped in garlic chilli and sweet dark sauce brought me to 7th heaven.
I had a craving for Hainanese Chicken rice the other day and decided to use my Prima Taste packet because I didn´t want the trouble to research on how to cook this from scratch. Does anybody have a superb tried-and-tasted recipe to share with me?

I added Baby Kai Lan (Chinese green vegetables) and roasted parts of the chicken too so that we had a mixture of steamed and roasted meat - for the sake of 50% of us in the relationship

That´s my sweetie enjoying his meal. Apparently he really liked the soya sauce steamed chicken too. He looked "grumpy" in the first picture because I took away a piece of the roasted chicken, hah.


Grace said...

Heh heh, I thot Stephan didn't like steamed chicken.Anyway,yr photos make me crave for chicken rice.Gd thing it is easily available here. Yumm yumm.Chicken rice gd for my taste buds bad for my waistline......

Pris said...

Hey Grace, yeah that´s what I thought too, that´s why I made roasted chicken. But it turned out that he likes the taste. Perhaps the last time he tasted it, he had a really bad stomach which is why he couldn´t stomach the funny-looking chicken parts on the table. So yeah, I´ve learnt my lesson and cut them up into like fillet pieces. :)

Cooking-Gallery said...

Hey there, just suddenly stumbled across your blog:). Also somebody from a mixed couple like you.

Btw, I also like Hainanese chicken, should try to make it myself one day.

Pris said...

Cooking gallery - hey there! Nice to have you pop by my blog! I went to your blog too. Very young blog, 1 mth old! I tried finding out more info about yourself but can´t though. Where about in Germany are you? Did you just move over? Are you Singaporean too?

Cooking-Gallery said...

I am located in Wiesbaden, and just moved here around 2 years ago.

My blog is just a cooking blog, so you basically would mostly just see pictures of food ;-)

No I am not from Singapore, I am Chinese-Indonesian, but close enough :).

Pris said...

Cooking Gallery - I sorta thought that you were Indonesian Chinese too, because I saw some Indonesian comments somewhere on your blog. Oh, so you don´t write much about yourself then? Are you on facebook?


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