Thursday, September 03, 2009

No camera = No blogging

I left my camera at my friend´s place after their housewarming party :( So that means I have to make do without my camera for one week! Oh boy, I didn´t realize how dependant I was on the camera until now.

And I´m finally heading to the speech therapist next Tuesday. Yay! Throat specialist (yet another one since the previous one is on holiday), said that it doesn´t seem to be infection since the pain is more prevalent when I teach.

Thus I could stop taking all my nose drops, nose wash, sprays etc. I have 10 appointments in total, with a break of 1-2 weeks in between each appointment.

He also said that it is very common for people in my profession to experience problems while talking. Something about having to optimize my talking. I´m relieved that it isn´t an infection after all, though I do feel the pinch of going on a mad cow chase before coming to this conclusion.

I really hope with all my heart that this IS it. That this would be the end of the tunnel and I can finally say Adios to this unwanted pest and thorn in the flesh over the past 2 months.

Things to give thanks for:-
Meeting up with Connie. My first close friend who moved to Hong Kong and whom I meet up with once a year. We actually chatted in German, even though both of us speak English too!

Health insurance in Germany. There´s no additional cost for seeing specialists. I´ve only spent money on medicine. In Singapore, I think I would have stopped pursuing this problem a long time ago and just lived with it, since one pays for everything!


Grace said...

Heh heh Pris, getting a bit anti-Singapore in yr last sentence leh. Remember we still have polyclinics which are subsidized and specialist recommended thro' polyclinics are also subsidized. S'pore govt does not believe in free health care lest it gets abused and personal income tax rates gets so ridiculously high to support ageing population. Maybe if u were in S'pore, u could find an employer willing to pay 100% of medical bills for u,yr spouse and children like in my case without even having to bear medical insurance premiums. Anyway, pray that yr throat gets better. Ever considered changing job?

Pris said...

Hi Grace! No lah, not anti-Singapore...I love Singapore! That´s true that you do have polyclinics...and its really good that one doesn´t have to support an ageing population..Germany is facing that problem now. I have considered changing jobs, but nothing´s coming up at the moment and I´m always a bit scared to changing, because that means coming out of one´s comfort zone.


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