Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First youth from our cell to marry....

Doesn´t it look straight out from a Bridal magazine? They are sooo beautiful AND tall! - Which is why they can carry off long dresses!
We attended the wedding of one of our youths last Saturday. Oh boy. This is the first time that one of our youths is getting married! **Makes me feel old** Now I know what my leader, Ailing must have felt when I got married! Well, as a consolation, they did get married very young - 20 years old to be exact.

The interior of the beautiful church in Marbach. European churches are just beautiful, even the "normal" ones are gorgeous. The other couple, Ari and Benny are engaged and want to get married too! They asked if we could do the marriage preparation course with them. Honestly, I do feel very inadequate for that, even though we´ve been married for more than 3 years now. Or perhaps because we´ve been married for a while and yet still have problems. I guess there´s no end to marital problems eh? As long as we´re still on this side of eternity. What do you think?

The bridal march....

Finally a photo with the happy couple!

And a photo with the motorbike with the necessary props of course! That´s Evi, our friend and regional leader.

For the guys: The wedding car

Some of the youths from our cell group. They look so grown-up here!
The decoration of the restaurant. ALL hand-made and personal! Love the colours. Notice my hand-written name on the card? That´s the main difference of weddings in Germany and Singapore. Germany - creative flow of juices from helpers and family. Singapore - professional mass-produced services

Clockwise from top left: 1-2-3 game regarding questions about the couple; Thank You for the helpers in the kitchen (ya, they were ALL friends, no waiters); an "American" country group who lip-sang a country song; Well wishes from the guys who joined in the bachelor´s farewell

We did a special item too. Unfortunately, I don´t have photos because I was performing as well. Hope that somebody took some photos!

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