Monday, August 17, 2009

Another mixed wedding

We attended Anette´s wedding a couple of weeks ago. She was one of the first Germans I got to know here and had always been very interested in anything Asian. She used to organise Chinese potluck at her place and even learnt Mandarin for the fun of it. (?!?... I used to dread my Chinese class) We used to joke that she would end up marrying an Asian guy and 3 years later, she really did! Really happy for her!

That´s us, the intercultural, international couples! He´s from Guangzhou, China so I heard lots of Cantonese everywhere.

They had a green colour theme. On the right is Xiao Wei, the mother of Kai, whom I got to know through Anette and we celebrated my first Chinese New Year in Germany together (click here).

That´s her first child, Kai, 2 years old now. She´s expecting her second one come September. He has blond hair with dark eyes! Isn´t that so sweet?

Top right: The Chinese visitors singing a song of blessing for the couple in Cantonese.
Bottom right: They released balloons at the end of the coffee-and-cake session. Each balloon contains a written favour that the visitors would give the couple eg. Dinner in November etc.


Steph said...

i like your dress :)

Pris said...

Hi Steph! :) So nice to see that you´re back on the blogging sphere, but not for long I guess! Are you on your maternity leave now?


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