Monday, February 19, 2007


I was really so happy to be invited to a "chinese" dinner on the day I normally have reunion dinner. The thing is that I met this german girl at some christmas gathering last year and she said that she organises asian dinner gatherings at her place every now and then. So she got my email and invited me over for dinner. Little did she know that the day she chose would coincide with the eve of chinese new year. So that was cool. I brought spring rolls, Wei made wan tan soup, we had satay and for dessert, we had mangos with sticky rice. We had such a wonderful time that we got home by 2.30am! There were 7 of us, I met two other chinese girls, who are married to german guys too - one from HK and the other china. They´ve been here for 5 and 6 years already, hence they spoke pretty fluent german. We were speaking a mixture of chinese and german and boy, is my chinese deterioating or what? ahhh... Good to have chinese friends! So happy! Found some ppl that I can pursue deeper friendship with! They are christians too! And young married couple without kids! Great! Another answered prayer! So amazing, they are from a different church and that makes it even greater that God brought us together. =)

Yah, we also invited our parents over for lunch - which we didn´t know would have been the first day of chinese new year too. So cool. To those of u Singapore n Laos, we miss u all LOTS n wish u lots of God´s many blessings and joy during this festive period!


Steph Q said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Pris! So happy for you that you found chinese friends and was able to have reunion dinner! =) God hears ur prayers and provides!! =)

Carry on the Chinese tradition in Germany, girl!

Priscilla Tews said...

hi dear stephanie! =) Thanks! I believe that God really answers prayers! Amen to that! Heehee, chinese tradition. I need to brush up my chinese first. Found out there´s chinese school here, can send my "future" children there once a wk to learn chinese. Hahha.


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