Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Italian food

Rucola and tomato-based sauces go sooo well together! Had some leftover Rucola salad and decided to make some tomato seafood pasta....yum! The hub came back home for lunch before leaving again, just to have a meal with me. :)

Salad with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves with balsamico vinegar (from Modena) seasoned with salt and pepper.

When I first came to Germany, someone prepared this salad for her birthday. I remembered being so skeptical and didn´t try anything except for the tomatoes. 3 years living in Germany has certainly changed my taste buds. Now I have my own Basil plant and I lurve this starter! Even the hubby who isn´t a fan of both tomatoes and mozzarella cheese loves this, because it simply tastes soooo good altogether!


Steph said...

i love mozerella cheese :)

Pris said...

Me too! :) Actually I only acquired a taste for it in Germany.

Grace said...

Not relying on Prima Paste anymore or have you run out of supply? If it is the latter, I'll ask yr dad to bring some over when he goes to Germany in October.

Pris said...

Hi Grace, I do still use Prima Taste actually....just that its been a bit too warm for mee reebus etc....and sure! I would love to have some groceries from Singapore. :) Should I send you a list? Dunno if my Dad which ones I would be referring to?

Grace said...

U can give me a list, but depends on how much yr dad is willing to lug around the additional "load" as he usually calls it. Dunno his tour plans also.U would probably need to rank the items on yr list according to priority ;).


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