Monday, August 17, 2009

Hiking in Stettenfels

This is soooo outdated.... Sabrina came back for a short trip a few weeks ago to see her favourite German band, Fantastisch Vier (Fantastic Four). No worries, I´ve not heard of that is the most popular German hip-hop band. You should hear the way the hubby and Sabrina rap the German songs together. Word-for-word, in the exact same tune and beat....hilarious.

Here are some photos of our Sunday afternoon spent hiking together.
The place we went hiking... with a castle in the background

I didn´t ask them to do this! They came up with the idea of doing the "Asian pose" themselves
Ohh, what a loving mother-daughter photo.....

Tried the couple look for once - can´t see Stephan´s matching jeans

Such precious moments to be cherished in our hearts..... so love and enjoy my family in Germany.


jie jie said...

Thanks for that post! Just wanted to point out that it was the weekend of 25 July, therefore a few weeks or even days ago. Not years... :) I do come to Germany more often than that! :)

Lots of love, glad to hear that your throat is getting better.

Jie jie xx

Pris said...

Ohmigosh, I was wondering what you meant by that! I have rectified the error! Thanks for pointing it out! Heeheee. Yup! ALWAYS great to have you with us!

Thks for commenting! I think I shd have a tagbox like Belinda´s eh? Just haven´t figured out how to do it yet.

And thanks for your well wishes! I´m currently on very strong painkillers and its pretty good, just hurts a little. Really hope that the pain goes away once and for all!

jie jie said...

No worries. :) Sometimes I re-read emails that I sent and wonder where my mind was. ;) Happens so quickly...

I'm all confident that the throat will go back to normal in no time. Now that you have a proper diagnosis it shouldn't take too long for the medication to work. Have faith, it'll be over soon. And once the weather changes again to more rain, you'll probably be fine anyway.

Have a lovely day, see you soon (Christmas at the latest...),

jie jie

Pris said...

Thanks Jie jie. It´s actually been raining quite a bit lately. Look forward to seeing you soon!

bel said...

hey pris, go to to get a chatbox if u are interested!

btw today is said to be the hottest day of the year in London! I think Sabrina is very happy :D

jie jie said...


I believe you are right there. :)Although hating the fact that I'm sitting in the office and have to stay here until 6pm with not much to do. It's such a waste of good weather!!!!

But then it's about 30 degrees in Murcia at the moment and I doubt that it'll get cold over the next 10 days so have enough to catch up with the sunshine then. Yay! :) Wanna come and visit?


Pris said...

Hi Bel, I believe that I have made an account there once, but I could´t figure out how to add it to my did you do yours? Oh and its sweltering in Germany much so that I´m so unmotivated to do the ironing...not to mention that I always need a 200% kick-in-the-butt to do it anyway hahah.

bel said...

hey pris, i think after subscribing on the website, you get an URL which you can paste it under your Customize menu.


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