Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby #2's babyshower

I'm so blessed with awesome friends in Germany.

If you've been following me, you'd know that my friends organised a surprise babyshower for me when I was pregnant with Sammy.

For my second pregnancy, I seriously didn't expect anymore surprises because I read somewhere that babyshowers are meant for the first kid.

Hence, can you imagine my utter shock when I came home one day to some suspicious smell in the air? The ladies had lit up some sparklers together with alcohol-free champagne to welcome baby #2 with me!

A close friend, Ari organised my second babyshower and she did such an amazing job at co-ordinating everything together with Yvonne and my hubby - without any slightest suspicion on my part!

The only thing I found weird was Stephan's foul mood that Saturday! He was such a stressball to get me out of the house, claiming that he wanted to enjoy the lovely sunshine. I, on the other hand, wanted to run some errands like buying groceries and depositing them back home before heading to the park.

Hub, knowing that the ladies would be going to our place to decorate it, stubbornly refused to allow me to go back home, claiming that he brought a freezer bag so we could store our perishables inside it. I didn't want to risk buying meat and having it go bad in the hot weather. So you can imagine the squabble we had in the car.

Finally, hubby relented when I told him that I needed to use the bathroom anyways (like I usually do pretty frequently these days). And since I popped back unexpected, my 2 lovely girlfriends had to "hide" - one hid in the basement for about 20 minutes and the other one made a detour in her car so I wouldn't bump into her.

After all that craziness, did I realize that I had another babyshower! It was sooo beautifully-done. Everything was blue again, but somehow it looked different!

The most important part for me was that I had such an epiphany for baby #2. This being a second pregnancy, I haven't had the time nor capacity to really focus on my second baby. For Samuel, we bought so many new stuff - furniture, stroller, clothes etc, and spent hours in stores to look for things to get and gush over how small newborn onesies are.

For baby #2, we hardly got any new clothings since we have so many clothes from Samuel. And somehow instead of really looking forward to baby #2, I've just been more concerned about how I'd be able to handle two little kiddos by myself.

Hence, having the babyshower really gave me that "WOW!" anticipation of my second one. That even though this wouldn't be a first-time experience for me, it's still going to be another beautiful season of my life and I'm going to experience the beauty of motherhood all over again. That my experience with baby #2 is going to be similar to that with Sammy's but yet different in its own way.

And as much as I'm gonna miss having all my time for one little Sammy, I know that God knows that I can handle having two little kids since He has chosen to bless.

We had a cozy circle of about 8 of us - from my church and English playgroup. Kinna funny how the left side of the table were blabbering in German while the right side in English. But everybody had a great time and I think it was nice to integrate my friends.

I got very thoughtful gifts of a double stroller, a daytime swaddle and a nursing mama's survival basket! Totally made my day!

That's Ari (the main organiser) on the left and Yvonne on the right

All that baby deco complete with mini milk bottles (can you see them)?

Too cute right?

Look at the mini feet banner!

Cute elephant decoration

A babyshower's essential, which has coincidentally become Sammy's favourite toy!

They blessed us with a double stroller! :)

Gotta figure out how it works all over again!

Spin-a-wheel: Where the person would do me a little favour (ie: babysitting / cooking a meal etc).

My lovely mummy friends from English playgroup who took time away from their kiddos to celebrate with me!

A superbly-thoughtful present from Cassie

With everything a nursing Mom needs!


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to have thoughtful and amazing friends. Keep it up as you journey together in upbringing kids. In whatever situation God is in the midst even 'quarrelling' through misunderstanding, and indeed I laughed when the whole episode is actually 'blessing in disguise', well done 'Stephan!' Be fruitful and multiply. With much love from dad...

Pris said...

Dad - Yah I'm really blessed with these friendships in Germany. God does provide. :) I think I'm just blur enough not to have guessed anything fishy. Stephan and I agreed that it was hard for him to keep me out of the house because he didn't have any logical reasoning for it. OH well, it worked out in the end! :)

Bern said...

hahahaa, u really shd get steph to ask don for ideas when he's trying to erm, "lie" to u...don's really great with surprises like that, without us getting into a fight!

still, your girlfriends are such lovely and sweet gals. the baby blue decor is too cute!!!!!!

Pris said...

Bern - Hah, yah I think that would be a good idea! I think lawyers will always find a way to sweet-talk a person! lol.

Yah, my gfs are really amazing. I'm very blessed. :)


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