Friday, May 10, 2013

Playdates in Singapore & Happy Mother's Day!

We had some pretty awesome playdates during our short trip in Singapore.

My girlfriends and I from church became first-time moms around the same time. Funnily enough, all of them ended up being boys! So, it was very fun catching up with them and their little men over finger-painting and lunch one lovely Wednesday afternoon.

Sammy has the same name as my friend's kid. It was quite hilarious seeing how both of them responded when my friend was like, "No Samuel!"

Both the Samuels got along really well together and Sammy didn't take long to warm up to his Singaporean friends. I think he was simply overjoyed to be around kids his age and have toys to play with! (We only brought 2 toys from Germany with us).

The two Samuels hanging out in a tent together
They were so happy throwing balls at each other!

He lurves cars!

So cool how Samuel shares his toy with Sammy

Too cute lar!

Bub was perspiring too much so I resorted to stripping him of his top

Love how his expression seems to say, "Eh Ma, what's with all this paint?"

And why are my fingers coloured now?!?!

Nah, I'd rather push this toy around

We get to see each other once a year, so the difference in our kids' growth is tremendous! Even though we live halfway across the world, it's pretty cool to see how each mother's job is pretty much one and the same - To love our little bubs and prayerfully guide their hearts in the Lord's direction. 

Here we hung out with Seth and Vicky at a mall over a leisurely morning and lunch. It was so sweet seeing how affectionate they were towards each other! :) 

Kissing Seth (both 19 months old)

Come Seth, let me show you something!

Seth was always smiling at the camera while Sammy couldn't be bothered!

Together with Vicky and Seth!
In comparision, both of them at 5 months old (Jan 2012)
Another flashback to the past photo

I love being a Mom and consider it such a privilege to be one. It's a whole LOT of work and there are days when I'm just dying to have a few moments of me-time and not be bugged at. Or to have a clean house that stays clean!

But on the whole, it's so amazing to see how a little one grows under your tender, loving care. I never thought that I would savour this journey so much. And of course, when baby sleeps, one has time to miss baby and in the meantime recharge for the next day's challenges.

Now that I would relive Motherhood all over again when #2 comes, I pray too that God will expand my heart so that I can be His eyes, heart, hands and feet in this family that He has given to me.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there! 

Hub's Mother's Day present to me - perfume to replace my old one!


Bern said...

happy mothers' day dear!

Pris said...

Thanks sis!!! :) Funnily enough, I didn't feel as "old" as I thought I would have as a Mom!


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