Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dear Sammy - 19 / 20 months

In your S$6 sunglasses
Dear Mr toddler!

We love you SO much young one!

Recently while you slept, Mummy had one of those hormonally-charged moments of being overwhelmed that you are my kid! You have blessed our lives in so many ways you can't imagine. I know every Mom says this, but I'm sooo happy to be your Mom!

You've got such a gentle and docile personality. Sure, you've started little tantrums by lying down on the floor or throwing your fork on the floor when you're upset. But these moments are still far and few between and most of the time you look like you're still struggling to grapple with the things you don't like and trying to express your preferences in a healthy and acceptable way.

That's you exercising your rights to a tantrum. Daddy wrote Mummy a note to encourage me!

In short, you're learning how to cope with having a temperament. Like all of us. This is a life-long process baby. Even your parents are still learning to ask the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts and help us to submit to His gentle prompting than giving in to the flesh.

Over the past month, we brought you back for your second trip to Singapore. This time round, you managed to interact much more with Grandpa, Auntie Bernice and all the people who love you!

Flight-wise, it was a hit and miss. Flight to Singapore was interesting in that you fell asleep immediately when the plane took off, but was unfortunately woken up by a wailing 5-month old baby next to you after 2 hours of deep slumber. Mummy ended up having to walk you up and down the aisles while you inspected every single sleeping person and entertained the air-stewardesses until 3.30am!!!

Flight back was much easier cos you were way too tired from the midnight flight that you zonked out pretty much for most of the flight *phew*.

Mummy & you had to fight jet-lag together while Daddy had no issues adjusting to the new time zone in Singapore cos he was so sleep-deprived having had to work crazy hours so that we could go on our holiday.

You're such a travel bunny! Everyday when we took a cab, you would have the widest grin on your face watching the world go by through the window.

Look at that grin! You were matchy matchy with Daddy!

You love painting and making puzzles. Anything that requires you to use your hands without dirtying them would be a good pasttime for you.

You were so fascinated with your new puzzle that grandpa had to feed you

Painting with two hands!

You continue to be very affectionate, fishing out generous hugs and kisses to us. We love how you'd hold our heads in your hands and plant huge, sloppy kisses on our lips. We hope you'd continue to have this innocent, child-like joy in you for the rest of your life! Please don't be jaded by the imperfections of this world we live in. Jesus has overcome the world, so that we can live a victorious life in Him!

This is what I mean
You were sooo happy with your indoor playground!

Oh that infectious laughter!

You'll be a big brother in less than 2 months' time, so I think Mummy would have to drop your monthly posts to make way for your little brother's ones. But no worries, we're sure that you'll feature pretty often in photos of di di (younger brother) and Mummy will continue to write about you too.

We love you sweetie and trust that God will prepare your heart to be an amazing big brother.

Mum & Dad

You took a sip of everything we drank!
At Aunty Bernice's office where you sat on the table like a tow kay

On one of those $1 automated rides


Bern said...

the tantrum picture is hilarious! how to get mad at him even at a time like that? arghh, miss u all so much!

Pris said...

Bern - The pix looks hilarious right? But honestly, in reality its a pain in the a_ _ . Oh well, at least he doesn't scream / shout at the top of his lungs. We miss you all too! :(


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