Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - 30 weeks! (7.5 months)

Taken at my friend's wedding recently

I shall take a break from my Singapore posts to write about our 2nd boy in the making. 

Yupz, I've hit the 30 week milestone! Can't believe there's only 10 more weeks to go (maybe less) before I meet my little boy!

Since my last post, I realized that baby boy #2 has become really active! He simply CAN'T.STOP.MOVING.

You know that song, "I got to move it, move it?"

That's exactly how I feel like this days. Or more precisely, that's exactly how baby feels like these days.

At my last heartbeat check, when I was strapped to a machine to monitor baby's heartbeat, this baby kept wriggling around so much such that his heartbeat disappeared from the screen more than a couple of times.

The good thing is, unlike Sammy, who would "punch" me from the inside with a couple of soccer-ball-like-hits, baby #2's movements are more constant and random.

I haven't had to bowl over in pain due to baby's kicks. For that, I'm absolutely thankful. :)

Pregnancy-wise, I've been hit with a bad bout of hayfever since we returned to Germany. This is not entirely unexpected since I experienced hayfever for the first time when I was preggy with Sammy.

Still, it was / is horrible sneezing uncontrollably, blowing my nose and coughing my lungs out all the time! Argh. We try to keep our windows and doors shut to reduce the amount of pollen in our house, but there's only so much one can do.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I developed a bad case of cold over the weekend! We were out in the city running some errands on Saturday and the temperatures dipped to a meagre 5 degrees (!!!) after having had over 20 degrees 2 days ago.

I didn't even realize that I was sick sick (no thanks to having hayfever), until I had to get out of my bed in the night cos my throat was so itchy, dry and uncomfortable. Made myself some hot tea and had to drink 2 glasses of it before I could somewhat placate my respiratory system enough to get back to sleep. Sammy unfortunately woke up from my constant coughing, such that both of us had a wee-hour-early-morning snack in bed before drifting off to la-la land.

That was the night from Saturday to Sunday. As I'm writing this, it's still Monday and I spent the entire afternoon in bed. Just sleeping. My body feels so weak, with achy muscles and all.

I'm still hopeful that the hayfever would disappear soon. It's been there for slightly more than a week now. With Sammy's pregnancy, the hayfever stopped miraculously after 3 weeks. Let's see how long it will take this time.

Back to baby, my gynae gave me the 100% confirmation that baby's a boy. There was this huge circle on the scan - which my gynae told me were baby's balls. Lol. They looked so disproportionately huge, but then again everything looks way too huge on a zoomed-in screen.

We're excited about starting the whole newborn stage all over again, but not without a slight apprehension of what this means for us as a family. I've been trying to tell Sammy about baby but he doesn't yet seem to realize what that means. In any case, I know that Sammy will make a great big brother because he does enjoy hanging out with his playmates and he's very much a social creature. :)

Oh, one more issue about the pregnancy.... Backache! We've been trying to see if we can purchase a Tempur mattress to alleviate both our backaches (hubby has been having backaches since forever), but we have yet to be able to contact the lady who's in charge of the financing plans. **bummer**

I think that about wraps up my pregnancy post! We love you little baby boy #2. Continue to grow well, strong and healthily!
Baby #2 at 29 weeks 4 days


Bern said...

you look great in the black shimmery babydoll!

Pris said...

Bern - Oh thanks sis. That's like the ONLY dress I can fit in now! I'm so thankful that I got it for my 30th bday party!


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