Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We're back!

A rare family portrait at Sentosa

We're back from our 2.5 weeks whirlwind trip to Singapore.

It was a very memorable time even though it also marked my shortest-ever trip in my home country.

I realized that I very much prefer to be in Singapore with hubby rather than without. It's just so much more relaxing and enjoyable to have a holiday as a family. Moreover, Singapore is not very baby-friendly in terms of public transportation. Buses are out of the question since strollers have to be folded up. How they expect a Mom (expectant one at that) to carry a toddler, a stroller and a diaper bag, plus board the bus beats me.

Trains are fine, but dad doesn't live close to any train station so we're dependant on taxis wherever we go. When I was alone with Sammy last year, most cab drivers didn't even bother to help me load / unload the stroller into the trunk, such that I had to leave baby on the back seat before handling the stroller by myself. At least Sammy couldn't really turn properly then, if not I would have had to risk baby rolling off the back seat as well.

Well, back to our Singapore story....

After experiencing one of the darkest and longest winter ever recorded in German history, hub and I couldn't wait to take out our summer clothes and flip flops to enjoy warm sunshine again! And oh boy, did we get our fair share of heat, humidity and perspiration!

The little man seriously melted in the heat though. He was like an ice-cream that couldn't stop melting from the time we got him out of the shower. Man, he was even perspiring in an air-conditioned room! The poor little bugger. I can now understand why Sammy hardly ever freezes in cold weather. His hands and feet are always warm!!! I would hold them to warm up my own hands!

The first week though, Sammy didn't do very well food-wise. He ate like a mouse, nibbling on everything but hardly eating anything. I was getting so flustered until I talked to a Mommy friend and she related a similar story about her kid when they visited Singapore after having lived overseas for a while. She advised me to simply hydrate Sammy and let him eat whatever he wants (which in his case, was usually bread and more bread).

That helped me so much because when the 2nd week came around, Sammy happily adjusted to the change in climate, environment and time difference, such that he was back to his usual munchy self :).

It was sooo good to re-introduce Sammy to my family in Singapore. The last time all of them saw him was when he was 5 months old, so he had developed leaps and bounds in the meantime. He didn't take long to get accustomed to Dad, my two brothers and also managed to spend 1-on-1 time with my sister who took some time off work to babysit him!

Hubby and I took the time to catch two movies and enjoy some couple time together. I managed to catch up with my girl friends without bub in tow as well, so that was very much appreciated - Thanks sis!

We figured that since we didn't have much time in Singapore this trip, we focussed on doing the necessities - satisfying my food cravings, hanging out with family and close friends, going for massages and spending time relaxing and taking it easy.

It was a very good decision in retrospect because I didn't have to rush from one appointment to the next and could really have my-type-of-holiday in Singapore. Usually we combined our Singapore trip with a short Krabi / Bali getaway because Singapore was too fast-paced for our definition of holiday.

I knew that this would be our last holiday as a family of 3 as well, so we wanted to milk the most out of it. Plus having a round belly also forced me to slow down and just take things easy.

My photos of Singapore are all random shots of places we visited and people we met. So I shall leave you with some of my favourite shots at Sentosa, where we spent an evening at the beach. And nope, contrary to popular belief, we didn't spend everyday at the beach. It's wayyy too warm and humid for a preggy me and my 2 German boys, so we opted for air-conditioned indoors during the days and the outdoors in the evening. Hah.

More photos to come once I sort them out! :) 

He looks so skeptical in this picture!

 His initial reaction to the sand - the ostrich stance!

  See that look of pure bliss when he finally embraced the sand??

Looking cool in his shades and indulging in my mango daiquiri
Yo yo, wassup man!
Can't get enough of this stuff!
Yeah Dad, keep it coming!
Evening shot of the setting sun


Bern said...

Sammy drinking the daiquiri is just too cute!!!! arghhh....cannot take it! :)

Pris said...

Bern - Yeah the mocktail photos are some of my favourite pix too!!! :)


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