Sunday, April 28, 2013

S.E.A. Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa

We went to Sentosa not just for the beach but mainly to hang out at the world's largest aquarium - S.E.A. Aquarium at RWS. 

I don't know if its got something to do with watching fishes, or whether it was the refractive index of looking through thick glass, but all of us - my brother, hubby and I felt soooo sleeply and utterly relaxed while walking through the aquarium! Sammy fell asleep before we even reached the aquarium (I'm attributing it to the air-conditioning).

Hubby has not been to Sentosa since it was revamped a while back, so we wanted to go there as a family to revisit this island. The last time we visited Sentosa together was probably for our wedding photography 7 years ago! 

It was such an entralling experience! Very highly-recommended for families with young kid(s). Singapore's weather is simply too hot and humid to be outdoors in the afternoon. Hence the aquarium provided such great entertainment indoors in the comfort of air-conditioning.

We spoke to one of the staff who was leading a school group and he somehow got into such an impassioned speech about how sharks are going to be extinct at the rate Chinese people are eating sharks' fins because its a regularly-served delicacy at weddings.

I must admit that we did have sharks' fins on our wedding menu but only because that was the standard course that was served and I wasn't environment-conscious enough to ask for an alternative dish. **hmmm**

Still, I need to give this guy some brownie points for the way he was so passionate about what he does. He really loves marine life and it shows in the way he interacts with the visitors.

Sammy finally did wake up after we were almost done with our round at the aquarium. But we did managed to go for another shorter round, during which Sammy was more interested in running around than staring at the fishes.

We liked the small pond where one gets to touch the corals / starfish and various small fish. Sammy's still a bit too young to appreciate such a hands-on experience but he was sure fascinated by the water.

If we lived in Singapore, we would definitely buy the annual pass for this aquarium. It's so very worth a visit(s)! 

The little poser who wears his glasses for a few seconds?

My trusty brother, Isaac came along with us to Sentosa. :)

There was some exhibit before the entrance of the aquarium
Loved the idea of a shipwreck as a backdrop

Ohhh, one of my dreams..... to learn how to dive!

Gorgeous tank!

Jellyfish.... Quite eerie to watch
Know what I mean?

All blue-tinged cos camera was on aquarium mode

Doesn't Isaac look so fatherly? ;)

Now now, what am I supposed to do?
So mesmerized!

Here's hubby trying to entertain Sammy after he got bored

Sammy's sitting on some glass panel where one sees fishes swimming underneath

More corals

A pond where one can touch starfish and various small fishes

Sammy was too cautious to touch anything

but he sure enjoyed dipping his hand in the water


Bern said...

hahahaa, he was the same way with the goldfishes as well! he really liked looking at them. but not so much dipping his feet into the pond.

Pris said...

Sista - Oh so funny!!! Yah I remember you mentioning about bringing Sammy to see the fishes! I must admit though. Even I was a bit squirmish about dipping my finger in the water to feel the starfish (which felt like a rock)... so I can imagine its scarier for a toddler!

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Pris said...

Travel Delight - Sure! I have sent you an Email in response to your question.


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