Monday, February 04, 2013

Winter melon soup

My food posts have been far and few between. I have been too caught up with my daily errands / toddler demands that I haven't managed to experiment much with new recipes.

I have however taken some photos of new concoctions in the kitchen and shall endeavour to slowly resuscitate the food part of my blog.

Soups are superb comfort food especially during winter. And the best part of it all? They require minimal effort. All one needs to do is to buy the necessary ingredients, dump everything in a pot and let it simmer for hours for that perfect homecooked stock taste..

I found winter melon in the Asian store the other day and decided to try it out since I needed some new soup ideas.

Am I glad I did! I randomly googled some recipes, made a mental note of the usual ingredients used and came up with a simple one for myself.

Even my German girlfriend told me that it was the best-tasting soup she has ever had. I wouldn't go as far as that to commend my soup but this recipe is definitely a keeper!

- 1 thick slice of winter melon (about 950grams, peeled and cut into wedges)
- Pork ribs (500 grams, cut into smaller pieces)
- A handful of red dates 
-1 honey date (optional)  
- Luncheon meat (I used half a can)

1. Put the winter melon, pork ribs, red dates and honey date in a pot. Cover it with enough water.

2. Let the water boil before lowering the heat to simmer for a few hours. The longer the better.

3. When soup is done, cut up luncheon meat and fry it (without oil). Season soup with salt if necessary.

4. Garnish the soup with luncheon meat and serve hot!

That was easy peasy right? This soup is very light and easy on the stomach. Hence, it also makes for great comfort food when one is not feeling well. Oh, hubby loves it too - much to my surprise. So you can try it on your non-Chinese friends / hubs. :)


Bern said...

wow, first time i've seen luncheon meat added to this soup...will try that next time since don loves luncheon meat!

Pris said...

Bern - It tastes really nice with luncheon meat. Funnily enough, I only put in the luncheon meat because I had some leftover and had no idea what to do with it. But some recipes called for ham with this soup, so I figured luncheon meat would do as well. *yum*


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