Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Sammy - 16 / 17 months

I like this photo because he looks so excited about the future
Dear Sammy

Oh dear, we have started charting your progress on a bimonthly basis. Hmmm....

You have changed so much (yet again)! Your personality has really started emerging and you continue to amaze us at what you can do.

Speechwise, you're not much of a talker. You make a lot of funny noises and are able to make yourself heard by pointing to things and saying "Papa" to our amusement. When we show you a picture of Mummy's family and ask you "Where's Papa?" You would happily point to the globe right in the middle of the photo. *face palm*

You look such a big boy here!
You continue to sleep well usually from 9 to 9 (give or take half an hour). These days though, you've been coughing quite badly - pretty much like the rest of the family actually, so you haven't been sleeping too well. Poor baby. We hope that you'll get over this coughing episode soon so that the whole family can have more lala land time.

Oh, we have both noticed your primary love language might be acts of service. You used to be scared of the vacuum cleaner and would maintain your distance whenever it was turned on. These days though, you would take the intiative to pull the wire out from the vacuum cleaner and try to plug it into the socket, but are unable to do so because it's babyproof.

Mummy would help you to plug it in and turn it on. That's when you would take the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the floor! You would put in so much effort to do a good job that you would even lie down on your belly to vacuum under the cupboards.

It really warms our hearts to see your heart to serve! May God continue to mold and grow this little heart of yours young man!

You've got such a sweet and gentle spirit too. Daddy & Mummy have observed more than once how you're always happy and seem to be so contented in your heart. You hardly fuss / throw a tantrum - which is something that we're enjoying however long it last! Oh, sometimes when dinner takes longer to cook, you would get hungry and tug at Mummy's legs but in general, you're very good at waiting. :)

You enjoy music and dance. Whenever Mummy picks up the guitar, your eyes light up and you can't wait to strum the guitar too. So far, you know how to respond to words like, "turn", "dance", "throw", "ball", "kiss kiss", "clap" and "hug". You'd even do simple things when I tell you to "pick it up and put it back on the table". It's getting really interesting to interact with you.

Still your cheery self
Daddy started playing hide-and-seek with you one afternoon and since then, it has become one of your favourite games. When looking for us, you will go, "hmm hmm hmm" and when you find us, you'd scream in sheer delight and hug our legs ever so tightly while snuggling your head between them.

Monday afternoons are usually your one-on-one time with your grandpa, who would look after / play with you for a couple of hours while Mummy teaches English to some of her neighbours. You have really bonded with your grandpa because of that and you don't even look sad anymore whenever grandpa picks you up.

Oh we finally had your church dedication service! We've been wanting to do this for so long but it was on hold cos we were waiting for your Godpa to come back from the U.S. It was a very emotional service because Mummy was reminded of the time when we were praying for a baby and God finally blessed us with you! You're truly a present from above and we're thankful to be entrusted with such a precious gift!

Mummy really treasures this one-on-one time with you before your little sibling comes along. We really do hope and pray that your transition from only child to older brother would be a smooth and not teary one. We love you so much little one and having another sibling is not going to make us love you any less ok?

Lots of love, hugs and kisses
Mummy & Daddy

PS# Unfortunately Sammy's monthly photos have become so scarce these days due to a combination of factors like his reluctance to look at the camera and me forgetting to bring the regular camera so that we can snap sharper photos of a moving toddler. I shall endeavour to improve on that!

Finally one shot with this boy looking AND smiling at the camera
Here's looking at you Mama!

Can you spot us in the midst of all the kiddos?
Only family photo we took that day


Kiss a Cup of Latte said...

What an adorable little boy :) Than God for him indeed!

Bern said...

Hahahaa, i burst out laughing in the office when i read that Sammy lay down on his belly to vacuum beneath the cupboards. Too cute! and such a sweetheart.

Pris said...

Andrea - Thanks dear. He's SO much work, but I wouldn't exchange this work for anything else in the world. :)

Pris said...

Bern - Yah man! I should have made a video of it! And he does the belly thing with the mop too.... too funny.

Bern said...

Take a video pleeeeeeeease!!!!


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