Monday, February 04, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - 5 months

Most recent bump shot taken at 15 weeks

I'm almost 5 months now (18.5 weeks) and this is my very first post of pregnancy #2.

This is way less compared to how many posts I had of Sammy. Hope the second child syndrome does not start now already!

Anyway, this pregnancy is wayyy smoother compared to Sammy's. I remember being "out of order" ever so often with Sammy that my boss allowed me to do administrative work instead of teaching so that I wouldn't have to disrupt the teaching schedule due to various physical ailments.

I had massive hunger in my first trimester during which I had to eat ASAP if not I would become nauseous. Now that I've hit the 2nd trimester, the hunger pangs have died down and I have more energy.

I'm very thankful for a smooth pregnancy cos I can't imagine being on bed rest when I've got an active toddler to take care of. Speaking of which, Sammy has been very forgiving when Mummy simply does not have energy to get out of bed.

Today for instance, hubby and I were too exhausted to get out of bed at 9am (we had a late night). So hubby continued sleeping while I was on "stand by" mode from 9-11am during which Sammy played around the room / bed. I would doze off during those quiet moments and be jolted awake again when Sammy made some noise or when he "patted" my face.

We still do not know the gender of baby #2 yet and I have absolutely no gut feeling either. Having a second boy would be cool cos I personally feel that babies of the same gender play better together and baby #2 could get to wear Sammy's cool baby clothes which he outgrew of too quickly.

However, having a baby girl would be awesome as well cos I get to dress her up! :-) It would of course mean that I would have to exercise prudence in spending cos have you seen the massive selection of girl clothes they have in stores? Crazy!

Whenever I go shopping for Sammy's clothes, I'm always thankful that I'm not easily tempted cos boys' jeans look similar after a while and one just has to have a variety of nice tops. Not so for girls though!

Still, it'd be nice to see what a Stephan-Pris female combination looks like! *exciting* A few more weeks to gender scan IF baby cooperates with us.

Baby #2 and Sammy would be exactly 22 months apart. Considering that my sis and I are 20 months apart, I reckon it'd be a great age gap to have a sibling to grow up with! Oh and I'm also very happy that baby #2 would also be born in summer - very important to reuse baby clothes! Plus I'd love the long and warm days to hang out in the sun with my 2 babies. 

We're so filled with thankfulness and awe at God's mighty and invisible hand. Being pregnant reminds me that God is at work even though we don't see / feel it. My baby is growing inside me even though I don't physically do anything to make him / her grow. It's really all about God's grace and I'm a chosen vessel of His blessing.

"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow." 1 Cor 3:6

We just attended a 3-day leader's conference at church and have been so blessed by the messages of Andrew Owen. I hope to dissect what I have learnt in bite-sized portions and share it with you over the next few days (hopefully) / week.


Kiss a Cup of Latte said...

You look radiant girl!

Pris said...

Thanks dear Andrea! It's so nice to have a proper commment on my blog! I've been getting spams on my comments lately! Very irritating.

elainegan said...

Ooh look forward to know the gender too! I can tell you've been keeping fit :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Yah man, I'm getting increasingly impatient about finding out the gender!

Oh heehee. How can you "tell" I've been keeping fit? I haven't actually done much exercise these days, no thanks to cold weather! Besides, I only post the nicer pix!

elainegan said...

Because your baby bump and butt isn't blooming fat, perhaps the caring and running around after Sammy helps tone your body :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Awww you're too nice! I guess carrying / lugging around a 12-kg weight helps with the whole lack of exercise thing!


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