Friday, February 15, 2013

Sammy's first real haircut

Both my men got their hair cut last week. We engaged the professional services of a Mummy friend of mine and oh boy, were we glad we did!

In Japan, one is able to use the hair from a kid's haircut to be made into a calligraphy pen. When my Jap friend told me about it, I thought, "Oh man, what an ingenious idea!!" But sadly, we don't have that option here, so Sammy's baby's hair is not gonna be able to be immortalized. 

Anyhow, Hubby is happy with his haircut for the first time in his life (not kidding here) and Sammy looks like a brand-new kiddo.

Ok, this is going to sound so egoistic but I didn't think my little boy could look even cuter! I liked him having his baby hair which he has been growing for the past 17 months. However, when I saw his new hairdo taking shape, I couldn't stop snapping photos of his new look.

He looks so much more like a little boy and less like a baby now. My little boy is growing up .... and all too soon! *sob*

On a side note, don't you think my hairdresser is so totally gorgeous? Ok, you can't really see her face properly but she's Greek and totally looks like a doll. Already a mother to 2 daughters and doesn't look a day older than 20! *enough gushing*
He sat relatively still on his high chair while being distracted by some cartoon
Look ma, I got meself a comb!
Are we done yet?

My two boys with their brand-new looks! (Albeit with an uncooperative Sammy)
In comparison, this is a shot of Sammy getting a mini haircut when he was 5 months olds in Singapore


Bern said...

you're so right....he just got cuter!

Chrish said...

Pris! I think in Singapore too there's a shop which does the calligraphy brushes with baby's hair. 'Tai mao bi' My brother did for my neice could have kept some and do it when you get back to sg next time..

Pris said...

Bern - Nice to know you think so too!!! LOL. The hairstyle does suit him!

Pris said...

Chrish - Too late leh! I didn't keep his hair. It's ok lah, its just a sentimental thing. :)


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