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Men's cooking course

My sister-in-law, Sabrina gifted us with a 125€ voucher to attend a Men's cooking course. I found the idea very ingenious because who doesn't like a guy who cooks? The only drawback was that the voucher was valid on the Saturday after which the whole T. family was sick for the entire week.

It was seriously my worst case of stomach flu (ever) and one of hubby's worst as well. I hardly ate anything and could barely keep anything in. Hence, the last thing we wanted was to indulge in "classy" food.

We decided to go nevertheless because it was impossible to change the date at such short notice and we didn't want to incur the 50% cancellation fee.

Were we glad we did! The food was yummilcious and it was really cool to enjoy some "us-time" while Sammy was babysat by my in-laws at home. It also almost coincided with Valentime's Day, so for the fact that we were both totally out of it on V-day, we still did something special as a couple. :)

Hubby had to turn up at 6.30pm while I only had to arrive 2 hours later. The men were coached under the experienced care of a qualified chef who explained the finer tips for cooking salmon and duck. I found the dishes very appetizing but they are wayy too tedious for a family with kids.

We were emailed the recipes so technically I could try out the salmon recipe and let you know how it turns out. The main course of duck with gnocchi is something that should only be attempted when the kid(s) are out of the house or on a special occasion with some other couples available to babysit / help in the kitchen.

Hubby enjoyed himself too. He said it was a very nice experience cooking in a kitchen with only state-of-the-art appliances and stoves. I can only imagine! Having a dream kitchen for someone who cooks is like having a dream car for someone who loves to drive! Ohh and I have to add. He mentioned that it was also less stressful cooking with a bunch of other guys with an instructor than to cook with his wife in the kitchen! LOL. I got nothing to say in my defence though!

We had some starters to fill our empty stomachs
  A very puzzled-looking hubby and a contented me munching on my garlic tomato bruschetta

Welcome to great food!

Starter: Grilled salmon on top of a couscous salad with tomatoes, cucumber and mint.

I absolutely adored the starter. If it were for me, I could just eat that as my main course. The salmon was grilled perfectly, skin slightly crisp on top and flesh was succulent and juicy. Couscous complemented the salmon well, giving it a mediterrean touch.

Looking suave in his apron

That was the fun part of the evening! Whenever the men brought our plates to the kitchen and prepared the next course, the ladies would have a nice girly chat. I met some very interesting women who gave me a couple of recommendations of things to do in Germany / musicals to see in Hamburg. Hmmm.... now if only I get a portable babysitting service!

Course 2: Soup with apple, ginger and curry spices

I'm not a big fan of ginger in soup, but this soup totally made the cut. The ginger gave the soup a tangy spicyness but it was not overwhelming because of the sweetness of the apple.

Main course of grilled duck, grilled vegetables with almonds and home-made gnocchi with a reduced red wine sauce

Doesn't this look like what one would order at a restaurant? The only drawback was that the duck fillet was a bit too pink for my liking so I ended up asking the chef to grill it a little more. The gnocchis were ooh-la-la. I don't like the ready-packaged gnocchis but home-made gnocchis are in a class of their own.

Last but not least, the dessert of chocolate cake with vanilla pudding

This was SOOOOO good, I could have seconds or thirds. The chocolate was sooo moist and rich on the inside and warm on the outside. But atlast, this was not a restaurant where I could order more. Absolutely delicious! I got to try out the recipe and let you know how it turned out! As the Germans would say, "That was the hammer".

Our only couple shot for the night
A random shot of our table. Everybody came in pairs because this was obviously a group couple thing

Would we go for something like this again? Most definitely. But to be honest, I felt that the 125€ price tag was a bit hefty. To make a comparison, a one-star Michelin restaurant at the Porsche museum would cost about 100€ and one would be served without having to cook.

So yeah, it was a great experience but if the price was a bit more affordable, I could picture ourselves going for these types of date nights more often. Still, it was an amazing Christmas present. Great food, great company and free! - We couldn't ask for more.

Cooking class in Stuttgart
Kochschule in Stuttgart
Rosenstrasse 42
70182 Stuttgart

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