Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Sammy - 14 months

Thank you Aunt Belinda for getting this lovely Baby Gap ensemble for me!

Dear Sammy

You have turned 14 months and Mummy has so conveniently missed this milestone! You have developed so much that Mummy is having a hard time trying to keep track of these changes.

How do you like my toga?
So, you've been walking quite a bit these days. You would be able to get from one end of the hallway to the other end. It's really cute watching you try to keep your balance while doing so.

Sometimes when you have the "Oh oh, I'm falling" look on your face, you would stop, stabilize yourself, make another determined grin on your face, and continue walking. You're a cautious little baby!

And oh boy, the look on your face when you managed to walk without falling? Priceless! You look so proud of yourself and even prouder if Daddy & Mummy saw you doing it! :)

We think it might still take a while for you to walk properly because as of now, you obviously show a bigger preference to crawl than to walk. Your attempts to walk would only come about when Daddy & Mummy encourage you to do so. That's fine little one. You'll spend the rest of your life walking, so enjoy your crawling days while they last!

While you're still friendly with outsiders, you have entered into a Mummy-only phase. You would only want Mummy to put you to sleep, otherwise you would cry the house down.

Your versatile rompus!
Today however, you allowed Daddy to reclaim his territory as your sleep master for the first time in a long time! Mummy hopes that this will continue because more hands make light work! 

Oh, its so cute to see how you have a fascination with putting your hands into our sleeves! Now that winter is here, we're all wearing long-sleeved tops. You would snuggle up to us and search for our sleeves, tuck your hands snuggly inside them and caress our skin! This is your favourite position to fall asleep too. Aiyoh, too cute lar you!

As for talking, you keep blabbering "Da da" all the time. And for the first time today, you actually repeated "Da Da" when Daddy was carrying you and repeated that word to you. We think you might actually be realizing that "Da Da" refers to your Daddy!

That said, the word "Ma Ma" doesn't seem to fall under your repetoire of favourite words yet though. You tend to say "Da" and point at things when you want us to tell you what they are.

You love sitting inside boxes. No matter how small the container is, whenever you see a container on the floor, the first thing you'd try is to squeeze your butt into it!
That's what I mean!
The same thing happened at playgroup too
You're exerting your own personality in that you would take a madeline, pass it to Mummy and say, "Uh uh" so that Mummy would hopefully get the hint to open the wrapper and feed you the madeline. Once, Mummy was occupied in the kitchen so you took an already-opened madeline on the table and stuffed it in your mouth to Mummy's amusement. 

Oh, Mummy actually caught you taking your waterbottle out of the diaper bag once to quench your thirst by yourself! One thing's for sure. You won't go hungry cos you're so resourceful! 
Guess what your brown moustache is? MILO!

It's easy reading your mind because you simply eat whatever Mummy eats. Have I mentioned that you have a penchant for Singaporean food? You absolutely adore Kaya toast, such that Mummy would have to make my own Kaya because our imported supply is fast running out.

You also prefer to self-feed and are pretty adept with using the fork and spoon by now. The mess you make is incredible though. Mummy wishes for a robot to clean up your mess!

Oh, funny thing is that when we feed you, you would take the food out of your mouth and examine it before stuffing it back inside. At the beginning it was quite amusing to witness this, but now we both sigh in exasperation when you do this with noodles, because more of it stays outside your mouth than inside! Aiyoh.
You have also learnt to roll, throw and kick balls. We got you your first-ever mini red ball and you simply enjoy playing ball by yourself / with us. :) 

We love you to bits. Continue to be our little ray of sunshine during this cold winter! 

Mummy & Daddy
At the playground in your winter wear. It's so much freaking work to dress a kiddo in cold weather!
But I guess its worth seeing you enjoy yourself in the outdoors!
At least you're smiling here! You usually dislike wearing caps!

And you look cool in some caps! One of my favourite recent shots of you!


Bern said...

He's growing so fast! And still so adorably lovable! *kisses from Singapore*

Pris said...

Thanks sis for being such a loyal reader and commentator of my blog entries. Sammy & I appreciate it a lot! :) *kisses back from Germany too*

Bern said...

Your blog updates r the one highlight at work.

Pris said...

Woah! That's such a nice compliment! Glad to be able to brighten up your workdays! - Always here to help. LOL. Pity I don't seem to be able to churn up entries more often even though I'd want to!

Bern said...

Hahaa, u blog regularly enough, don't worry. Great that Steph is on leave and helping u out too! :)

Pris said...

Not as regularly as you though! Hah. Your ability to blog so regulaly continues to astound me!

Stephan has gone back to work already... has been about 2 weeks or so. So now its back to just me, myself and I...oh yeah and Sammy too of course!

Bern said...

Hahaa, no kids = lots of free time! Plus, no need to clean house or do housework = even more free time!

Pris said...

Agree with you. Kid(s) do take up a lot of time. But its so worth it lar. Can't imagine anything else I'd rather do with my time than to hang out with Sammy. Nice that you don't have to do housework! Your hubby does it for you??? Or do you have a maid?

Bern said...

Hahahaa, it's Don that does it for me. i'm quite happy to live in a bit of filth but Don's more particular abt cleanliness so he does more of the cleaning than i do! but then i start feeling guilty when he cleans and so i help him out. So, because i'm so lazy, as much as possible, i try to get him as happy as i am to live in filth...hahahaaa!

Pris said...

Bern - I actually like your logic! lol. Stephan and I are just the opposite of you and Don. I'm more particular about cleanliness at home so I do more of the cleaning - plus I'm a SAHM so that also means I'm at home more often. But it's hard to get / keep the house clean with a little one. Hubby helps out on weekends, so that's nice.


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