Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tenerife - Playa de las Americas ('beach of America")

Oh geez, weather has been so cold and gloomy these days that I've been so unmotivated to post my summer holiday photos! Makes me miss the sun even more! 

BUT I did promise to upload some beach photos from our holiday so here I am. :)

As mentioned previously, we took one day to visit Playa de las Americas. It was only a 20-minute bus ride from our hotel. The weather was perfect for a day outing. We slathered on our sunblock, put on our shades and off we went!

We arrived just before midday and the first thing we did was to head straight for the beach. Having been accustomed to beaches in Asia, I was visioning a picture of a calm and serene beach in my mind. So what I saw was pretty different!

The "sea" was afterall the Atlantic ocean, so that meant very huge and strong waves! There were no leisure swimmers in the ocean but only groups of surfers doing their thing. Oh and they looked so beautiful! It was so therapeutic watching a surfer catch his wave, ride on it for a while, perform his stunts and fall back into the ocean. I think surfing would be on my bucket list.
First sight of the volcanic beach with the blue Altantic ocean
Along the boulevard lined by palm trees that shout "HOLIDAY!"
Our hotel must be somewhere in the far background
This part of the ocean was partitioned so that people can swim in it
That's the structure that separated the main ocean from the swim area
I skipped breakfast that day so I was famished! In Spain, restaurants only open at 1pm for lunch, so by that time I was ready to devour whatever was on my plate!
Guess where we were? Tony Romers!!! LOVEeeed the ribs! Yummilicious!
Hubby had a big breakfast so he settled for a light, Caesar's salad lunch instead
My little boy with his fascination for spoons!
Guess what we had straight after lunch? The bestest yummiliciousest yoghurt ice-cream! Huge portion for only 3€! See his facial expression when I refused to give him the yoghurt cos we wanted to take a photo first?
Dipping my feet in the Atlantic ocean.
Beach bar and sunseekers working on their tan
Older buildings along the street that somehow reminded me of Thailand. 
Oh I wouldn't mind having a nice playground like this in front of the beach!
Like this photo!
Sammy's at an age when he's no longer keen to sit quietly in his stroller for hours on end. I don't blame him either, since it's obviously wayyy more interesting to get down on all fours and crawl your way to freedom.

Thing is, he enjoys walking but is still not confident walking on his own, except for a couple of steps. Hence, this translates to either Mummy or Daddy holding his hand(s) and walking with him while he leans his weight on us. It ain't the best thing for one's posture or back for that matter.

In terms of this, I can't wait for him to be able to walk on his own. But I know that the walking stage will only bring about its own set of challenges in that one has to be always vigilant on the whereabouts of the kid. My little brother got lost in a mall once for an hour and my parents were close to calling the cops when we suddenly saw him standing all by himself NOT crying, looking at some store display.

Alright, I digressed. Yup, this about wraps up our Spanish trip! We love warm weather and hopefully will be back soon again!
Sammy say "bye"!
Having freshly-made fruit juice by the street


Kiss a Cup of Latte said...

You look nice and tanned Pris! And Sammy's hair is so cute - there's this sharp front portion! Hugs and love.

Pris said...

Andrea - Thanks so much babe! :) You're very kind! My tan has started fading away! But then again in winter, you wear only long-sleeve and long pants so nobody can see the tan. LOL. Yah! Sammy got his hairline from his daddy. It's a Tews family "hair-loom". Wahaha.

Bern said...

"hair-loom" - wahahaaa! too funny!!

Pris said...

Bern - Oh wahah! Didn't realize that you read the comments part too! :)


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