Friday, July 20, 2012

Tina's wedding

My lovely friend, Tina got married recently to her long-time love, Frank. Congratulations!

I got to know Tina from my time teaching English at school and she's the only student with whom I kept in contact over the past few years! It's so nice to see how our friendship evolved from a student-teacher relationship to a that of a close friendship. :)

She had her bachelorette party in Strasbourg, France and I was invited to spend the weekend there. So that was where I had my first-ever weekend away from my little one.

Sammy was invited for both the solemnization ceremony as well as the dinner. He was such a champ and really enjoyed hanging out with all the adults. The only bummer was that since he didn't manage to nap properly in the afternoon, he was a bit cranky towards the evening and took a pretty long time to settle down to sleep.

Thank God for my lovely hubby who spent a lot of time walking around with him so that he would fall asleep in his stroller. We then found a snug little corner in a room next to the kitchen to park our stroller, while we continued to party until about 2-3am.

That's one thing I enjoy about weddings in Germany. Guests stay until way past midnight to dance and there's usually superb music. Tina engaged a house DJ from a club and he churned out a mixture of modern and hip hop music - amazing taste in music if I may say.

May God bless your union and watch over the both of you, Tina & Frank! ;) We had an absolutely incredible time at your wedding! 

The lovely hall near TeeHaus where the solemnization ceremony took place
And now I pronounce you husband and wife
With the beautiful bride. Notice I was the only one in a long dress?
Love the idyllic location for the solemnization. A LOT of people at this wedding were VERY tall.
With the newly-weds. Guess what. I was still the shortest even though I stood one step higher!  Ok, I didn't wear heels, but still....  
 Mesmerizing ladies even with a pacifier in his mouth. Hah

A nap-deprived Sammy, who was obviously cranky cos of it
Sammy had his own seat!
Ohhh, so nice to see little Sammy having his own nametag
 Snapshots of the wedding. We had superb BBQ for dinner.
Another lovely family pix, minus an un-cooperative Sammy


elainegan said...

Aww all the ladies couldn't resist cooing over him, a handsome one he is! How much does he weigh now! He looks older than 10months :)

Summer Lace said...

Lovely photos Pris - I like your maxi dress. Is it still quite cool there? Chat with you soon! <d

Pris said...

Elaine - Thanks hun! :) I don't know how much he weighs now. But he was about 10.5kg 2/3 months ago. So I'm guessing he's at least 11kg now.

Pris said...

Andrea - Hi dear! :) So nice to hear from you! Yeah we should chat soon! We have a heat wave right now, very warm! About 30 degrees everyday. I really like it! :)


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