Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Sammy - 10 months

Hey Sammy boy!

You have officially turned 10 months old! :)

And with this, you have also become very, very mobile! You are grabbing things and standing up on your own.

Mummy's very thankful that you're not that "gung ho" (daring) in that you always test to see if the thing that you're grabbing at is strong enough to support your body weight. That's really sweet to see, because this helps me to heave a sigh of relief whenever I see you trying to stand up.

You're also able to get to a sitting down position from a lying down position. :) You're pretty fast crawling these days, even though you still do a mixture of a soldier-army-crawl-on-your-belly and the regular crawls on your hands and knees.

I don't want to brag but I have to document this. When we were out once, an old gentleman came up to your stroller, looked at you and told me, "Oh wow, you got a very handsome (hübsch) baby." To which Mummy said, "Thanks". The old man then replied, "Do me a favour. When one can give birth to such beautiful babies, one should have more babies!" Haha, that was so sweet cos it came so unexpected from a stranger.

You enjoy walking so much that you would automatically grab my hands whenever they are within reach and pull yourself up such that I get the clue that I'm supposed to be your walking stick. 

Lately though, you've been fighting your naps and becoming very cranky in the evenings. You've also been drooling a lot such that your clothes have to be changed ever so often. We think that this might be a sign of teething - yah, you don't have a single tooth at 10 months.

Take your time sweetie. Mummy's enjoying the days when I don't have to brush your teeth and am somewhat not looking forward to the teething process, although its a matter of time that you'll grow teeth. I'm still hoping and praying that you'd be spared the horror stories that I've heard of teething.

Foodwise, you have started eating nibbling on regular food. Whenever Mummy eats, you seem so interested in my food that yesterday I gave you a few strands of my glass noodles. You held the noodles in your hands and chewed on them with much gusto! :) It's a huge mess though, cos your hand-to-mouth coordination isn't exactly fantastic.

Oohh you simply love salmon! Mummy tried pureeing salmon once but you hated the texture of it. Now however you eat salmon like the adults do - all cooked and seasoned with herbs and butter. I'm leaving out the salt whenever I cook your food, but the food is still tasty enough for me to eat! 

Mummy loves summer time cos that means lots of playground time and time in the sun. This definitely beats being cooped up at home all day! You're a sunny boy too, minus the fact that you would remove your cap whenever you have a chance too - like most babies your age. 

You're going through a phase when you're testing boundaries cos you would use your hands to push food away for no rhyme or reason. This has been a test on our patience cos meal times are when both Mummy & Daddy are hungry and that means we can't be waiting for you to finish your meal forever.

Hence, the "No Sammy" phase has finally started. We know that parenting won't be a piece of cake, but we trust that God will give us the wisdom we need. :)

We enjoy you so much little one. Thanks for all the free hugs and kisses that we can lavish on you. 

Mummy & Daddy
Eating glass noodles for the first time
Salmon parcel (before being put in the oven) - an idea I got from my friend Bev. Recipe to follow 
My little footballer. Like the pix on how the sun is shining on him.
Got myself a lovely onesie for the summer too
  Love your expressions here
 I believe I can fly!
 He's so fascinated with the red ball
 Summers are simply great for ice-cream....
 ....and daily baths too!


Bern said...

OMG, he's so adorable. I look forward to your blog posts on him all the time!

Pris said...

Bern - Wow you are fast! Thanks! I think that's one I the nicest things of having a kid - being able to take photos and blog about them. Definitely helps with the endless work that comes with it! :-)

Beverly! said...

I love the photo of him in the bath... SO CUTE I WANNA SCREAM!

Pris said...

Thanks Beverly! :) I can't wait to see how Carter will look like!


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