Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strasbourg & photo galore

It's no secret that Strasbourg is one of our favourite hangouts. We've been to Strasbourg so often that whenever I suggest Strasbourg for a day trip, I can almost hear hubby's audible sigh of exasperation.

Don't get me wrong. Hubby likes Strasbourg too. It's just that he feels that we go there often enough such that we no longer visit other nearby German cities like Ulm anymore.

My justification would then go in the lines of, "But Ulm is part of Germany. And the whole point of going to Strasbourg means that one gets to shop in French stores like Naf Naf that are not found in Germany."

And with this the "discussion" is won.

I like the fact that France is only a 1.5hr-drive away and I can have a mini holiday without the hassle of booking accomodation / flight for one.

Truth be told, we usually go to Strasbourg to satisfy our Japanese food craving. Jap food in Stuttgart simply just does not make the cut. Sushi is either ridiculously expensive or / and mediocre. Food in Strasbourg, on the other hand, is a couple of notches higher. Alsatian food tastes incredible and Japanese food there is awesome.

I have to admit though. This time round we both came down with food poisoning! Ok, I don't want to be so quick to point fingers, but I'm quite sure that I got sick from the sushi at our regular Japanese restaurant. However, we've been there umpteen times and this is the first time that I got sick from eating raw fish, so I'm putting the blame on the extremely hot weather. I'm guessing that the fish might have gone bad cos it wasn't stored properly.

Besides eating, we usually stock up on French madeleines - extremely yummy, walk along the river and do some window shopping.  It doesn't matter that I don't speak a word of French. One can easily get by with English and / or German, since Strasbourg is located in Alsace, which essentially makes it part German.

We took so many photos there, so this will be pretty much a photo blog entry. :)
This is one of about 20 family shots that we took!
Hey Ma! I can stand on my own!
The flexible prince sucking his toes with the toy ring around his leg
It was so hot we removed his shirt under the rompers
Trying to distract ourselves from the heat by goofing around while snapping photos.
Incredible blue skies
Hubby melting in the heat
Patisserie - delicieux!
 Found Helixir at this huge shopping mall where one large fruit smoothie cost 5.20€. But oh boy, did it taste heavenly! They make every smoothie from scratch and only from fresh fruits. I would say, totally worth the money!
The famous Cathedral on the left
You gotta love the French for their English. I usually stock up on their superb madeleines when I'm there


Gene said...

Hey Pris! The photos just brought a big smile to my face and brightened up my blue Monday.
Sammy is soooo adorable! He's getting so big. Can't wait to see you guys again.
I still remember you love the madeleines from Delifrace. Now you get to have REAL French madeleines! =)
Have a great week!

Pris said...

Gene - Hey bro, nice to hear from you again! :) So nice that my blog entry brought a smile to your face. Anything to help Monday blues. hee. You got great memory! Wow. I don't know if they are "real" madeleines, cos they are mass-produced but they taste superb enough. Have a great week yourself too!

Bern said...

I love the pic of Sammy "eating" his foot. And it's so cute that you used to do the exact same thing as a baby!

Pris said...

Bern - Thanks! Those are my fave pix too. It's funny how you remember snapshots of my childhood whereas I can't remember "eating" my foot myself. I think most babies go thru this foot phase. :)

Anonymous said...

Sammy looks pretty handsome....

Pris said...

Anoynmous - Thanks! :) I think its the mixed genes that make Sammy look exotic. :)


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