Sunday, June 10, 2012

Me time part 1 - Primark!

Now that Sammy is older and I'm no longer breastfeeding, I've got a bit of newfound freedom back!

After his first half-day being with his Godparents, I've become more adventurous and decided to leave him with my hubby for another 2 occasions.

My friend, Tina asked if I wanted to come along with her friend for a day trip to Primark in Frankfurt on a Saturday.  I was happy enough to spend some me-time and finally have both hands free to shop, so I agreed in an instant.

It was such a wise decision to go to Primark without a stroller cos it was massively-packed that day! I sorta knew what to expect since I visited Primark before during our trip to London. However, that day's experience was a shock even for me.

People were literally going crazy. Clothes were sprawled on the floor. The queue to the fitting room took at least 30 mins. Service staff were so stressed. One is not allowed to try clothes without going to the fitting room. Popular garments were sold out such that the only sizes left were either super small or super huge.

We wanted to shop together but decided to split up because it was easier to look for what we wanted on our own.

One tip though: Bring your own waterbottle. I was so thirsty but didn't want to leave Primark cos I couldn't decide what I wanted to buy and didn't want to leave my wares unattended. I ended up "suffering in silence" for the full 5 hours that I was in Primark! Selberschuld - "served me right" in German.

It was worth it in the end though. I got so many amazing buys for both myself and the little one. Thanks Tina for inviting me! :) It felt sooo good to indulge in some retail therapy and actually have some time for myself. Thank God for girly pals who ask me out! What a blessing. :)
Ok, I didn't get these shoes from Primark but from Humanic - the store just next to Primark. 30€ and totally gorgeous. But I hardly wear them cos of obvious reasons. It's still nice to have dressy shoes to admire and for the occasional parties of course! 
 After a tiring day snagging our bargains we rewarded ourselves with some takeaway sushi which was surprisingly good! My portion was only 5€, very worth it!
 Couldn't wipe off that grin of "victory" from my face 
 Sammy's Team Germany jersey that I got for the European Cup! - 6€
Basic top - 3€, white slacks with belt - 11€, leopard-print flats - 8€, baby - priceless
 Pink tube top ~ 6€, blue shorts with belt ~ 13€
This came as a set (T-shirt, jeans and long-sleeve top) - for around 17€.


elainegan said...

Yay, me-time!! I tend to end up splurging ahem, crazy within an hour of freedom, a bad habit I must say, but loving it. Lol.

Like your new sandals, the design especially :)

elainegan said...

Yay to me-time!! I tend to end up splurgin ahem, crazy within an hour of freedom!! A real bad habit but i'm loving it if you know what I mean, LOL.

Liking your new sandals! The design esp. :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Hah, I know exactly what you mean! It's like freedom = spending money on myself. I try to justify it by buying things that I really need.

I like my sandals too but they're sooo high! I can barely walk in them hah.

elaine said...

nooo they're not that high wedges, I wear mine taller ;) Sometimes heels, heh!

Summer Lace said...

Very nice Pris - shopping is always good therapy yeah? :)

Pris said...

Elaine - I get back back would be so painful after a while. :(

Pris said...

Andrea - Hey dear, long time no hear! Yeah man, retail therapy is always the best. We got to talk soon before you leave for the U.S.


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