Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hubby's birthday party

Hubby turned one year older on 9th of May. 

Before we had a baby, birthday parties were the equivalent of lots of work cos I'd cook various Asian dishes one week before the party. 

With a baby in tow, I've had to think of how best to feed my guests without stressing myself up in the kitchen. Hence, I decided to rely on the goodness of Prima Taste and simply prepared lots of Singapore chicken curry. 

And to add a personal touch to the party, hubby and I hand-made 80 spring rolls to compliment the curry. It was quite a bit of work to roll up the spring rolls but it was worth it cos everybody (including myself) loved it. 

I fried the ingredients first, wrapped them and froze them a few days prior to the party. On the day itself, I simply pan-fried the rolls until they were done. 

Some friends brought desserts and salad while I made some Caprese.

It was so fuss-free and quick that now I look back and wonder why on earth did I slave in the kitchen all this time? It's so much easier to make less dishes, outsource appetizers and desserts, rather than to prove to the Asian in me that I can cook everything by myself! 

I guess it's part of the Asian culture to express oneself by serving up culinary treats but the German culture is such that one prepares the main course and maybe one or two side dishes while outsourcing the rest of the work. 

This was also Sammy's first party as part of the family. He was pretty comfortable being carried by quite a number of new people - So proud of my little boy. :)

It was cool doing something different and being able to plan something fun. Hubby came up with the guest list and my "gift" to him was preparing the food for the party.  I managed to meet some of his new co-workers so it was nice to finally put some faces to names that he's been mentioning over the past few months.

Happy birthday dear Hubby. Love you and thank God for giving me a spouse to bear with all my idiosyncrasies :)
Spring rolls & curry
Sammy loves his granny
 Some of the guests... I didn't manage to take more photos cos I got busy talking with people
Love his "I-know-what-you're-thinking-about" expression on the right
My little family of 3!


Anonymous said...

Aaaw, great pictures again! Isn't it the greatest to have a wonderful husband and an adorable little baby boy?!?! We are so blessed, aren't we...

Happy belatet birthday, Stephan! :-)


hubby said...

Hey my beautiful wife,
thanks a million for organizing such a lovely party for me. The food you cooked was awesome, everybody loved it! Especially me yumyum. And thanks for putting in the effort and making everybody feel warmly welcome. You truly are a blessing!

Pris said...

Geli - Hey girl. Yeah you are so right. It's such a blessing to be a mom and have a little beautiful family right? Can't wait to meet up again!!!! :)

Pris said...

Hubby - So nice that you commented on my blog! :) It was soooo great that you enjoyed your party& the foodie! Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed belated 21st birthday Stephan...Think wise and act young..Cheers!


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