Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Sammy - 9 months

Dear Sammy

You're more than 9 months old now! :)

Big thing that happened the past month? You started crawling forward! Woo hoo!

Previously you would crawl in circles or backwards, so it was incredible watching you get it right the first time! You sorta drag your body on the floor while pulling forward with your hands. It's really cute, like a little soldier. Sometimes you even stick your butt in the air so that you move forward a bit faster.

And oh boy, are you one determined baby! When you set your eye on something, there is no stopping you! Your favourite things right now are the computer cables and Mummy's cellphone.

As a result, we have started baby-proofing the house. I'm guessing that your favourite pastime in the future would be playing with Daddy's numerous DVDs which lie within reach when you're on the floor.

Food-wise, you're still pretty much eating whatever I put on your plate. You get a variety of western and Asian meals, with your latest meal being pork porridge with organic homegrown Chinese vegetables. It tasted so good that Mummy stole a couple of spoons from you. :)

You seem to prefer being spoon-fed because whenever we offer you some finger food, you would point at it rather than grab it. This works out better for us anyway, since spoon-feeding you means less mess to clear up.

It's so sweet how you have started playing peek-a-boo with us with a cloth / curtains. You never seem to tire of the same games / songs. When you're playing by yourself, you enjoy picking out picture books so Mummy has been reading to you. I guess you might have gotten Daddy's hobby of reading, cos Mummy isn't been a big reader herself, but she's beginning to enjoy reading to you.

Guess what you did for the first time today? You stood up by yourself! Ok, you pulled the railings on your bed and finally managed to support your weight on your legs! I got to get that captured on video too.

Sleepwise, you continue to do great. You sleep through the night and wake up anytime between 8 to 8.30am. When you're coughing and had a cold, you woke up quite often during the night but often went back to sleep after we gave you your pacifier. We're really thankful that you're back to your easygoing self after a bout of really bad cold during which you were really down. 

So far, you're relatively friendly with strangers too. :) It's cool that you allow other people to carry you and reward them with your smiles, although you are pretty cautious with unfamiliar faces.

Daddy has taught you how to do the "high five" with your palms. Since then, there's no stopping you from giving you high fives to whoever you meet!

We wish we could freeze up time so that we can capture you in all your baby-ness. Continue to be our little sweetie darling. We love you very much.

Mummy & Daddy


elainegan said...

yay to crawling! A BIG milestone :) Laura's been enjoying sitting without support recently, and im thinking to dust low shelves and corners just in case she suddenly decides to crawl. Heh.

Pris said...

Thanks Elaine! :) It means more work now cos I have to keep an eye on him, but its so nice watching him learning new things everyday! :) Laura's gonna be crawling real soon too!

Anonymous said...

A happily scared baby Sammy on the swing....cute...

Pris said...

Anonymous - Dad? Erm, I don't think Sammy was scared cos if he was he would have cried and not be laughing the entire time. He really enjoys sitting on the swing these days.


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