Monday, May 14, 2012


I love surprises!

A couple of years ago, when hubby surprised me with a spontaneous trip to Europa Park - the biggest amusement park in Germany, I was in 7th heaven! :) And yup! I'm a roller-coaster kinna gal. I could keep goinging for the rides when the others are complaining of headaches, heehee.

Hubby, on the other hand, is more of a "we-don't-need-to-celebrate-let's-hang-out-as-a-family-of-3" kinna guy.

However, like all married couples know, one can get into the rut of doing the same things over and over again such that one craves for some change after a while.

We went to Italy for a road trip with D and her hubby 2 years back, so we decided to reminisce our lovely trip over an Italian meal. When I mentioned hubby's recent job promotion, D. suggested toasting to it over dinner and the idea of a surprise celebration dinner was conceived! I wanted to keep it small so I simply made a reservation at a popular Italian restaurant and contacted a couple of close friends to pop by.

Hubby knows that I'm not one who can keep secrets discreetly so he has boldly claimed that I wouldn't be able to organise any surprise parties cos he can see right through me. Hence, can you imagine my sheer pleasure when I saw the look on his face when he walked through the restaurant?


I think it helped too that he didn't expect any celebration for his job, since we would be having his birthday party one week later. Hubby has also retracted his claim of my ability to organise surprise parties. :)

It was really nice to do something out of the blue and surprise my hubby. I think that's what keep marriages alive - the element of excitement and spontaneity.

 The yummilicious starter of tuna and mushroom salad, with grilled scallops and salad at the side (10€)
Hubby's best friend, M (in the middle) whom he has known since forever
 That's D and her hubby, with whom we went to Italy
 A happy and contented Sammy in his stroller who was entertained by his pretty blond friend
Sammy's godparents
 Superb salmon, spinach and volka cream pasta. Absolutely delectable! (9€)
With his Mummy. You can tell the similarities huh.
Thanks you all for making this celebration so special!

Where you can go for superb Italian food:
Punto Fisso
Christophstr. 14  70178 Stuttgart
0711 605126

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