Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Sammy - 8 months

Dear Sammy

You are 4 months shy of your first birthday. Oh boy.

Last week you had one of your regular visits to the paediatrician and you're currently weighing 10.4 kg and measuring 74.5cm. You continue to be on the upper end of your growth chart, which is all fine cos you were a big baby to begin with. :)

Guess what? You started talking the past month! Mummy had her second day out without you when she went to Frankfurt to indulge in some retail therapy while Daddy looked after you. Bless Daddy!!! :) When I got home, Daddy told me that your first word was "papa".

This is truly Murphy's law. Mummy spends most of her waking hours with you and the one day when Mummy is away from you, you start blabbering audible words!

Mummy refused to believe Daddy until she herself heard you saying "pa pa pa" all the time before you went to bed later on that day. We still haven't caught you doing it on video yet, but will do so soon.

You have completely stopped breastfeeding due to a combination of tap running dry and your personal choice. I guess it was a matter of time that I no longer breastfed you, but Mummy does miss those cuddly times!

Motor skills-wise You're able to crawl but just not in the direction that you want to. You can somehow move by putting your weight on your arms and pushing backwards. It's kinna funny to see how you manoeuver yourself on your playmat. We would have to baby proof the house real soon.

We brought you on a spontaneous trip to Munich recently. You were such a champ and managed the 2.5hr trip to and fro without any problems! :)

It's such a joy to have you in our lives. Sometimes Daddy and I look back on the day when we brought you home from the hospital. We would choose the shortest route in the car cos we didn't know what to do if you started crying. But gone are those days! We are bringing you with us on whatever road trips we choose to take. :)

You're pretty independent so Mummy can leave you to play on your own for quite some time. At the moment though when you're not feeling well, you've been pretty clingy and not willing to be left on your own. Your appetite has not been fantastic either. Poor you. Mummy has been giving you daily warm baths cos that's something that seems to lift your spirits. I know what it's like to be sick. Not nice at all! We're praying that God will heal you speedily! 

Oh yes, you learnt how to clap your hands the past month! It's so cute seeing how you managed to coordinate your right and left palms to hit each other at the same time. Once I sang to you and when I finished the song, you clapped your hands spontaneously. Well done you! That's what clapping is for!

Mummy is so happy that she can capture your growing moments first hand! There's nothing quite like being there for you, even if it just means that I'm constantly helping you to blow your nose and experience your piercing screams when I do that.

We love you sweetheart. Do take your time to grow up ok? We cherish everyday spent with you.

Mummy & Daddy
 Happy baby in Munich! Ooh, I can't wait for you to get back to your sunny self.
Meeting the Gerstberger family and their latest addition!
That look of excitement while you wait for us to bring you into the car to go out! 
A picture of you in your current state - blocked nose and teary eyes
 But that still doesn't change the fact that you're a smiley baby. :)


elainegan said...

SOOO smiley, and I can't stop repeating it over and over again. ooh big boy, 10.4kg! Laura just had a 6month checkup and weighed 8kg, my arms are getting so sore from cradling her to nap (she doesn't nap unless I rock her, sigh!).
Talking about road trips, we'll be going on a 3hr car ride to a beach vacation, praying lots she stays easy for at least 1hr :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Thanks a lot! Yeah Sammy is a really smiley boy. I'm very thankful for that. :) Laura's growing so fast too! Yah, its a strain on the arm muscles! I do pilates once a week to strengthen my back and that helps with carrying Sammy.

Oh wow. Where are you all going for your beach vacation? Do you intend to bring anything to entertain her in the car? I brought some rice crackers and some mini toys. But its helps too that Sammy is entertained by a moving vehicle. :)


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