Sunday, May 13, 2012

Salmon blinis

This is another easy-as-pie and yummy recipe. I got this idea from my friend's blog, thanks Bel! :)

Now that I meet up with some ladies regularly for playdates, I'd like to have some recipes at hand to contribute to coffee and cake.

I love salmon and am always in search for salmon recipes, so this recipe is definitely a keeper!


- 1 packet of Blinis (round pancake-like base)
- 100 grams smoked salmon
- 100 grams sour cream
- Some chives (chopped)
- 1 lemon
- Fresh ground pepper


1. Mix chopped chives in sour cream. Spread mixture on blinis

2. Add smoked salmon on top of mixture

3. Season with freshly-ground black pepper and fresh lemon juice

4. Garnish with more chives.


- One can substitute the sour cream with crème fraîche

- Sour cream can be placed on top of the salmon instead of below so that the blinis are easier to hold

- Blinis can be substituted by Pumpernickel (German black bread cut in circles) instead.


Belinda said...

oh wow! Glad you enjoy this easy peasy recipe :)

Pris said...

Hey Bel!
Wow, you're fast! Yes! It was pretty yummy! :) I was so greedy with the sour cream I emptied the bottle (200g) which was too much. So that's why I reduced the portion for my recipe.


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