Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BBQ time!

 Pink ladies by pure chance

One thing I absolutely love when the weather gets warmer is BBQ time! Or "grillen" as they call it in Germany.

Germans are meat-lovers so the meat here is awesome! It helps too that we have a trained butcher in our circle of friends so we're usually treated to an amazing selection of meats grilled to perfection. Absolutely finger-licking good!

I met an American living in Zurich by chance during our recent trip to Strasbourg. He claimed that meat is extremely expensive in Switzerland cos the Swiss are not very into meat. I had to heave a sigh of relief that meat / groceries are really affordable in Germany. :)

Sammy is usually the only baby in our group so everybody dotes on him. Being the relatively contented baby he is, we were able to leave him in his stroller while he entertained himself and listened in on our conversation.

Ok, we had to "rescue" him from his stroller after a while cos it became a mini-sauna since it's black. Hot temperatures also mean that I've had to slatter on loads of sunblock cream on baby boy cos of his delicate skin.

I'm happy to note though that Sammy does get a pretty golden tan in the sun. When we were on our 3-week honeymoon in Thailand, I got roasted like crazy (ie. my skin became dark brown) while hubby turned red like a lobster. Hence its nice that our son is able to tan like his Mummy! :) 
 Pork skewers, cevapcici, self-marinated chicken wings, grilled vegetables and German sausages
The chef hard at work
 with his trusty helper
 Beautiful day in a lovely garden for BBQ
 Like I said. Grilled to perfection.
Sammy with his new hat! He's started this habit of patting me on the shoulder whenever he gets excited (middle picture).
With Ari. Love his expression on the right


Anonymous said...

Ladies in pink?

What a lovely pat...well done...

Pris said...

Anony - Yeah it was a colour that all of us had together. :)


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