Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quiche Lorraine

I realize that I hardly make western meals. Most of the recipes on my blog are Asian, while my western recipes are mainly limited to pasta.

The good thing about having western meals is that the oven does most of the cooking for you. Compared to Asian cooking when one has to stand at the stove until the food is done, western-baked meals are cooked in the oven, so one only has to spend time preparing the ingredients.

Believe it or not, this is the first quiche that I've ever made and so far the only one I like! Most of those that I get in stores are a bit too salty for my taste.

I compared recipes in English and German, so here's my adaption of Quiche Lorraine. Hubby loved it and I must say that I enjoyed it so much that I was so glad that there was enough leftovers for both of us for lunch. :)

Ingredients:- (makes 8 servings)

- Shortcrust pastry (1 packet)
- 300 grams, bacon (small bits)
- 1 Onion (sliced)
- 250 grams fresh brown mushrooms (sliced)
- 1 leek (chopped)
- 1 red pepper (chopped)
- 3 eggs
- 200 grams cream (Schlagsahne)
- 100 grams milk 
- 200grams Cherry tomatoes (halved)
- 200 grams Gruyere cheese (grated)
- Some nutmeg (powdered)

1. Bake shortcrust pastry for about 15 mins in an oven-proof dish. This is to prevent the pastry from becoming soggy.

2. Fry bacon. Using the oil from the bacon, fry onion, mushrooms, leek and red pepper. 

3. Turn off heat. Add the eggs, cream and milk.

4.  Season mixture with some nutmeg. Add the cherry tomatoes on top.

5. Pour the mixture in an oven-proof dish and top it with gruyere cheese.

5. Bake at 200 degrees celsius for about 30 mins.


sohcool said...

Looks good. You are so right about the difference in westen and asian cooking. Each time I invite friends over, I stay too long in the kitchen.
I too started doing quiche recently; to give the kids something different. Hubby is vegetarian so did ricotta-courgette quiche. Quiches are so easy to do isn't it?

Pris said...

Sohcool - Yeah man! I do enjoy asian food more though!!! Especially since its hard to get very good asian food here. Quiches are sooo easy...but it still does take a while for prep time though. Do you post recipes too?


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