Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy times!

We attended a church wedding last Saturday. It was a lovely Spring day and Sammy's first-ever wedding too.

I think its the Singaporean in me, but hubby has resigned to the fact that ever since we got married, we are rarely punctual for anything. Oops! But there are some things which we simply have to be early for. We managed to arrive before the bride because hubby drove quite fast (hmm...) to the church. (Note to self: Give yourself more time to dress up for formal occasions especially with a little baby)

Other than our eventful start, the rest of the day turned out beautiful. This couple is from our previous cell group and they would be the 4th couple who have gotten married ever since we joined them in 2006.

I love attending weddings. It puts me a lovey-dovey mood. :) The blushing bride in her gorgeous white dress. The marital vows of eternal love and commitment to each other. Everybody dressed up in their best outfits. It's like a piece of heaven on earth. And in a way, it really is - one day we will meet our maker who will be our bridegroom and the church will be His bride. Oh wow. That wedding would be unforgettable! 

Our most recent family portrait and a smiling Sammy
 Sammy looked grouchy cos he didn't nap much that day....
 .... but while we were taking photos and Sammy was left alone, we saw that there were about 10 people crowding around him. He's a charmer all right!
The 3 typical expressions from Sammy - Cheery, grumpy and shell-shocked
Some of the lovely people from my ex-cellgroup. Another grumpy Bammy man shot. Seemed like we were colour-coordinated, red and black
 Loveeee funny shots!
 With the lovely Ari, whose wedding I blogged about here.
Now that's a real squeeze! 
 The bridal party in front of the cute Fiat 500 that the groom surprised the bride with
 The bridal couple at the idyllic location for the wedding
Here's wishing both of you all the best in your new life together!


elainegan said...

their fiat is sooo cute, what an idea :) Talking about punctuality, I hate being late but since bub came into our lives, getting ourselves ready can be a chore hence i've learnt to bath, dress up an hour before her :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Hey wow, you are a punctual person eh? I think in Asia its like if you're late by 10mins, its still considered "ok". Hah. What does your bub do when you bathe and dress up? I usually get Sammy ready first and honestly I get into such a rush later, cos I don't want him to wait so long.

elainegan said...

yeah it's so easy to get away being late in southeast Asia :)
I usually lay her down in her crib to entertain herself while I get dressed etc or have hubs to look out if he's home.
dressing bub up last is easier for me, because she's quite impatient, I rather do the fussy stuff quickly, plonk her in the pram, zoom off before she gets too edgy in her seat!


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