Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Sammy - 7 months

Dear Sammy

Wow, I can't believe that you're 7 months already! Ok, I know that I say this at the beginning of every month but you are growing so fast!

I realized that I've hardly posted any photos on my blog which are not already on Facebook, so I shall endeavour to do this now.

This month saw you sitting up independently and becoming so much more vocal! In the past, I would leave you in bed to play on your own when you wake so I wouldn't have to get out of bed yet. These days, there's no ignoring you once you open your eyes.

You will automatically come up with a whole repetoire of babytalk that consists of "ahhhhh",  "waaahhhh ahhhh" and gurgles. You make the typical baby sound of "rrrrr" by rolling your tongue in the back of your mouth so much so that your grandparents think that you will have no problem pronuncing the German "rrrr" once you start speaking.

You've also started to assert your personality by crying when we remove a toy / object from your grasp. Mummy found out from a friend that this is part of your developmental process because you are starting to remember what was in your hand. In the past, you sorta "forgot" if I took away your toy, but now your short-term memory is developing!

This is also the stage when you might start displaying signs of separation anxiety because you're able to recognize faces. So far, this hasn't happened yet and Mummy does hope that while you appreciate/ love Mummy's and Daddy's presence, you wouldn't go too clingy when you are in the presence of other familiar faces.

You're a very happy and smiley baby - something I'm so thankful about. Your endless smiles and giggles make it all so worthwhile to look after you. It's not easy being a SAHM due to the endless housework which isn't very rewarding cos things get dirty by themselves and the whole cycle of cleaning starts all over again. But Mummy has to remind herself that I'm not a SAHM to keep the house clean but to play a pivotal role in your growing up years.

During church service today, the pastor talked about this verse " You have stolen my heart, my bride with one glance of your eyes." Song of Songs 4:9  This is imagery for the love relationship that God has with His people.

When I leave you to play on your own and you look at me with those doleful eyes, I can totally imagine what God means by this verse. You, my baby, steal my heart with those eyes of yours. It's incredible thinking of how we steal God's heart with our eyes! Wow!

You had your first visit to the zoo the past month! It was a bright sunny day to bring you out but I don't think you could appreciate those 4-legged creatures much. Soon baby, when you're older, we'll go to the zoo again.

Another epic experience for you and Mummy too is that you had your first baby day out without Mummy nor Daddy for a full 12 hours! - Gosh, it was harder than I thought to be separated from you, but you did sooo well! (I'll blog about this later.)

Yup, I think that about summarizes the highlights of the past month. We love you sweetie and you brighten up our days so much!

Mummy & Daddy 

 Like this pix cos you look so babyliciously-surprised! Wanna nibble you up!
 The time when you refused to sit in the stroller so I allowed you to stand instead. Like the way you rest your left arm on the stroller. So comical!
 Daddy relieving Mummy of her duties and feeding you your daily banana. And oh boy, you look a bit like a girl here.
You playing on your cot and charming me with your beautiful eyes so that I would take you out of the cot
This is what happens when you get stuck in your cot after you have turned

Below is a video of Sammy "talking" or rather mumbling some form of syllabus that sound like baby communication. Check out him putting back his pacifier in his mouth like a cigar at 1:33


elainegan said...

What a munchkin! I too would pick him up with those eyes ;) I'm waiting to read ur next post about being apart from him for 15 hrs! wow, I don't dare try for more than an hour yet :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Thanks! I think all babies have this innocent look about them that screams "help me" which tugs at the heartstrings of their parents.

Yah, I should get down to blogging about my baby-free time soon! It's just that my "me-time" tend to be spent going out for walks / hanging out in town, such that I hardly get time alone on the computer!


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