Sunday, April 01, 2012

Baby's buys

You know how before a baby is born, you have no idea what to get or what you want to spend your money on? Hubby and I were just like that. We read blogs, asked around, surfed the internet etc. just to get an idea of the necessities for a newborn.

Now that baby is almost 7 months old, I must say that there are some things which make the list of absolute must-haves for a baby!

1. First on the list has definitely gotta be the SwaddleMe.

My friend, Cynthia got Sammy his first SwaddleMe so we swaddled Sammy from the day we got back from the hospital. The velcro straps make it so fuss-free to use. We were especially grateful because when one has to wake up a few times in the night to feed baby, one is too groggy to use a regular cloth to swaddle a baby. Sammy was also a baby who flapped his hands pretty often in his sleep so the swaddle helped him to sleep better.

2. FisherPrice Rainforest Mobile
This boy loves it!!! He would be entertained by it for up to 30 mins everyday. :) Hubby calls it putting baby "in the jungle". He loved it as a newborn and continues to love it now even at 6.5 months.

It's battery-operated and one can choose among 3 songs from Mozart, Bach or Beethoven or one rainforest nature sound. There is also a remote control so that one can switch it on again when it turns off automatically after 15 minutes.

Gosh, Sammy looks sooo tiny in this picture!

3. Pacifier chain

Now, I think this might be something typically-German. We spent about 10€ on ours because we decided that Sammy threw / dropped his pacifier on the floor ever so often that we simply needed a long-term solution.

It was the best 10€ we ever invested! It was Sammy's only toy in Singapore and he used the entire time in his stroller to master the skill of eye-hand co-ordination by putting the pacifier in his mouth. We got ours from Haba - a leading German brand for children stuff.

I think there's hardly any photos in which he doesn't have his pacifier chain

4. FisherPrice Rocker

My friend, Steph told me about this rocker. She herself has two kids and I could take some advice from an experienced Mom. 

I place Sammy in this rocker whenever I have to cook, so he just sits in there and looks around. The thing I like about this rocker is that it's pretty portable and doesn't take up much space - a very important factor for a young family with a small apartment.

The "legs" of the rocker can be adjusted too such that it becomes a regular chair for feeding. I personally find the height of the chair a bit too low for that purpose, so I usually feed him on his regular chair at the dining table. There are also some dangling toys which one can attach / detach to the chair. The toys do keep Sammy pretty occupied, so that's cool.

Oh have I mentioned that I've become an online Mom? I find that toys can be pretty bulky, so I'm really happy with websites like this. My order arrived within a couple of days and everything worked perfectly. I also found that prices on this website were lower than many other websites. 

5. Our Concord stroller

I wrote about our stroller here.

7 months on, I'm still very happy and satisfied with it. It has even accompanied us on its maiden flight to Singapore and survived the change in climate well. :) We don't have any complaints about this stroller, except that the car seat could be a wee bit lighter! Sammy's a big baby, so his weight coupled with that of the car seat makes lifting him a sumo exercise!

I found that the body of the stroller is also a bit heavy, when I need to lift it and put it inside the car. But since I don't do that everyday, its not much of a problem. :) 

Sammy enjoys sleeping in his stroller and we go out for walks everyday in it. To say that this was a superb investment would be an understatement. Concord is also made in Germany, so you can be assured of quality!

For fellow Mummies out there, are there any other buys which you totally love?


cyn said...

I'm glad you found the SwaddleMe a really useful tool for swaddling baby. In fact, I totally love this invention :) Had to ask SIL to get it for baby as a gift when she asked us what we wanted. Saw the website you posted on toys. So many selections! Pity it's all in German but I enjoyed looking through the catalogue. Gave me some ideas on what to look out for on our next shopping trip ;p

Pris said...

Cyn - Thanks so much for the swaddle as a present! :) As I said, best present ever! Ohhhh, I wish I got it for you instead!!! Do you see anything on the German website that you might like? I could order it and send it to you. :)

cyn said...

Thanks for the thought, Pris! Don't send items's costly. When do you plan to be back? If in Aug, baby will be a newborn and I was thinking of maybe something German made...not sure what though. Maybe a soft toy or a cloth book or cloth building blocks or something small, soft and suitable for a baby of that age say perhaps from Haba. If you are staying till at least mid Sep can come and attend the full-month celebration. Like you said, I don't really know what baby needs until baby comes along. We have the essential items but as baby develops, may need other items to stimulate baby so I guess age-appropriate toys are good. Thank you. Just get something small and easy to tuck into your luggage when you return. I'm due mid Aug so you can calculate baby's age from there.


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