Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby's day out

I promised to blog about Sammy's day out, so here it goes!

Yup, I left Sammy in the hands of his trusty Godparents for a good 12 hours! That's half a day! I can't believe that it was so difficult to say bye to my baby. I felt pretty emotional and couldn't stop hugging and kissing him before he left!

I guess once you become a mom and spend so much of your waking hours with your baby, it really does feel weird when he's no longer by your side. As much as I enjoyed having my me-time, once I got home, I was literally counting down the minutes to having him in my arms again.

This idea was birthed because I needed to use up this massage voucher which my dear hubby got for me for my birthday 2 years ago! It's one of those vouchers which I put aside because I deemed it too good to be used. So I kept procrastinating my visit to the spa until the "opportune" time.

I then decided that the "opportune" time would be as good as any day, so when Sammy's godparents told me that they were both not working a few days leading up to Easter, I decided to jump the wagon to ask them if they wanted to babysit Sammy.

As it turned out, the father of Sammy's Godmother (Yvonne) was celebrating his birthday, so Sammy would be introduced to Yvonne's family. How cool is that right?

When I looked at the numerous photos that they took of Sammy boy,  one thing that really struck me is how at ease this boy is with other people. He's always smiling, always giggling and always happy. 

To be honest, I haven't experienced a single day when this boy wakes up grumpy. Even if he hasn't slept enough, he would wake up with the biggest grin on his face and I'm like, "Oh boy, how is it that this boy is always happy?" - I could really learn this from him.

For myself, I did enjoy my me-time without baby! I first met a girlfriend at the mall for lunch, during which I was completely blown-away at how carefree I felt without having to push a stroller around. I was literally skipping through the carpark!

I then allowed the masseur to massage away all my tense back muscles for an hour. This was sooo needed because Sammy is tipping the scales at 10.2kg now and my poor back has been shouting for some relief.

My day ended superbly with a movie date with hubby. We watched the movie "Pirates - band of misfits" and although it was pretty crappy, it felt absolutely great to have a couple movie date for the first time in months :)

Would I do this again? You betcha! Would strongly recommend a baby day out for any mother without a nanny. Felt sooo good to re-experience what life was like before baby so that I can fully enjoy my mother role again.
And off he goes! My little munchkin not looking the slightest bit flustered at being away from Mummy.
 Well HELLO family!
Mind if I crash your party? Sammy charming the birthday man and his mother.
 And if you don't mind, I would like to play with your hair too! In the background is Sammy's Godmother, Yvonne, who totally dotes on him.
Well hello Mrs Becker!  
 He's really the little prince alright!
 Charming Yvonne's younger sister too
 Mmmm, I didn't realize that the spoon could taste so finger-licking good! 
As I said, always happy. My little boy brightens up my day. :)


elainegan said...

He's SO smiley and content! It sure ease off half of your worries leaving him for babysitting :)
Now I'm waiting to see if my fusspot will be fine with new faces for 2hrs this weekend, eep!

Pris said...

Hey Elaine!

Yeah, Sammy is generally a smiley baby. He has his tough moments too but I try not to focus too much on it. Today he refused to eat his lunch and I had to literally force-feed him. **sigh** What did you do with your little one during the weekend?

elainegan said...

we normally go to church service after brekkie, and then some shopping trips, park (before summer hits!) or chill at home :) Ooh what did you cook for his lunch? Was it his usual fave, maybe he just wants to play 24/7 ;)


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