Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sammy's sitting! :)

My little boy has started sitting on his own at 6.5 months! I'm amazed at how quickly he got the hang of balancing the top half of his body.

We simply tried putting him in a sitting position one evening before bed - That's when we took the first two videos below.

The third video was taken one day later. You can see the vast difference in how stable he became. :)

I still can't put him sitting down without sitting right next to him because he's not stable enough to hold his weight without supervision. But oh boy, seeing him take this little step of  progression, my heart swells with pride! I can really see how parents are proud of their children just because they are their children.


elainegan said...

ah cutie! he's looking so much like your husband :)
Has he rolled over yet? Mine seems to slow in this milestone but her nect control is so much better.

Pris said...

Elaine - Thanks dear! You think he looks like my hubby too? That's what a lot of people say. Yeah, he rolled over in Singapore, so now its really hard to keep him still when I'm trying to change his diapers!


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