Saturday, March 31, 2012

I love my man

In German, the word for "husband" is the same as "man". So when one introduces one's hubby, one literally says, "This is my man".

The same goes for the word "wife". One says, "This is my woman".

How sweet is that right?

So, I love my man ie, hubby.

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary at Strasbourg, France in February this year. It was quite surreal to have a little one who tagged along with us while we indulged in Japanese food at our favourite restaurant.

When I think back of the past 6 years together, I'm amazed at how much we have gone through together.

For those who don't know the story, we met on student exchange in Canada, while I was studying in Singapore and he in Germany. I still remember my late mother telling me not to go to Canada and come home with an "Ang Mo" boyfriend.

"Ang Mo" is a term that's frequently used in Singapore to describe a westerner. It literally means "red-haired one". So yeah, against my mother's wishes (who later on came to realize that not all "Ang Mos" are bad) I did come back with an "Ang Mo" guy, except that he didn't go back to Singapore with me but we had a long-distance relationship for 3 years before deciding to tie the knot in 2006.

Before meeting him I never thought that I would ever live in a foreign-speaking country. But God knows better than me and even though I avoided choosing Europe as destination for my student exchange program, here I am, having lived in Germany for almost 6 years already!

I must say that even though I still don't speak the language like a native, I feel pretty much at home here. I have my close friends, my church, my daily activities and now I even have a half-German baby. Ok, theoretically he's 100% German cos I haven't applied for Singapore citizenship for him yet.

But this post isn't about Sammy, but about my hubby.

You know how they say "sweeter as the years go by"? It really is! When I think about how little I knew my hubby 6 years ago, I think "Oh wow, I know this treasure so much more now!"

I'm so proud of him. He's a real responsible young man who puts the needs of his wife and child before his.

Whenever Sammy poos, he will rush to change his diaper...... NOT!

Hah, but Stephan is a very hands-on dad. He doesn't shy away from dirty diapers although there are better things he'd rather do. And I have no problem with leaving Sammy alone with him. He's more than capable of calming Sammy down even when he has one of his crying fits.

One thing that impressed me about my hubby is also how he loves what he does - job-wise. He always had a dream to be self-employed in the tax consultancy business and we are slowing realizing that dream. It's gonna be an untrodded path, but we know that God is with us and He has opened doors which we had never dreamed of a few years ago.

And oh boy, I'm sooo happy that after all these years we can still laugh together. Our time together is less now that Sammy boy is born, but its been so enriching. Seeing how Stephan embraced his role as father and now sole-provider to the family really makes me love him even more!

He's totally supportive of me being a stay-home mom and I'm really thankful for this opportunity to do so. There may be others who could look after my son, but I am his mother and he only has one mom, so he will have to make do....haha! 

Jokes aside, I wouldn't exchange this task of looking after Sammy for anything in the world. It's like looking after yourself! Sammy is my flesh and blood and its such a joy to watch him grow.

Yup, here's cheers to my hubby-bubby (that's what I call him) and may God continue to bless our lives together.
 The scrumptious spread. We were spolit for choice!
 The two men in my family
 And myself
 The little bugger looking all cheeky in his bag
 Sammy's too young to hold a camera, so for now it'd have to be self-taken shots

 Daddy and son photos
 Sammy having his first hair-cut in Singapore
As I said, a hands-on Daddy


Sarah said...

Beautiful :) Congrats on your anniversary! To deeper, sweeter years to come :)

Pris said...

Sarah - Thanks! Wow you are fast! But you're in the same timezone as me and baby-free time is usually in the evening eh?

How are you? You must be counting down to your SG trip! 6 weeks....sooo nice and long!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a lovely post. You and your husband, together with your gorgeous little one, look absolutely stunning together.

- S.A. (a silent blog reader who finds your blog very inspirational! I think I might have left a message on your blog a few months ago as well, but I just wanted to say that reading about your Christ-centred marriage is such a joy!)

elaine said...

cant resist commenting in this post, ha!
Yay to us married to hubs with LOTS of patience when our bubs throws a fit! He's now my babysitter when I needed some me-time.
Stay blessed! :)

Pris said...

Anonymous - Thanks for dropping a comment! :) Awww, you're too sweet. But thanks for your compliment. Our marriage isn't perfect and there are so many things where we're work-in-progress but I'm thankful to have God in our lives who helps us along the way. Need Him sooo much more in our lives.

Pris said...

Elaine - Yeah man! It's sooo good to have patient hubbies! Hubby has been relatively busy so my me-time has been a bit limited, but hubby helps out around the house whenever he can. :)

Pris said...

Elaine - Yeah man! It's sooo good to have patient hubbies! Hubby has been relatively busy so my me-time has been a bit limited, but hubby helps out around the house whenever he can. :)

Sarah said...

Pris - yah lah, evenings and nights are 'catch-up' time :)

I'm good, getting busier with work and ministry and other things, with some major decisions to be made soon. God is taking hubby and I on a journey for sure :) But oh yeah, looking forward to SG man! Food food food & babysitters hehe :) Are you planning to go back to SG again this year?


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