Monday, March 05, 2012

Dear Sammy - 6 months

Dear Sammy

Oh man you're half a year old! The past month saw you in 2 continents. We actually made our inaugural trip to Singapore to introduce you to your Singaporean family! Everybody was so pleased and excited to see the latest addition to the family! Mummy does wish that Germany and Singapore ain't so far apart so that both sides of your family can have the joy of watching you grow up.

You've progressed so much! Firstly, you managed to master your turning from back to front in Singapore. You slept on the same bed as us and as the bed was firm enough, you had plenty of time to practise your turning. And oh boy, the look on your face the first time you made it 180 degrees over was indescribeable. You looked soooo pleased with yourself and turned immediately to me for some applause and encouragement.

It's so amazing that even at such a young age, you're aware when you have accomplished something worth cheering about! So proud of you little one! :)

We also started you on solids! So far you have eaten rice cereal, carrots, parsnip, pumpkin, potatoes and sweet potato. After experiencing "successes" on the eating front, Mummy was pretty taken aback when you refused scoop after scoop of sweet potato. Mummy even tried to "camouflage" the sweet potato with other vegetable purees but you simply took one scoop, made the funniest "this-is-the-most-disgusting-taste" look and simply proceeded to spreading the food all over your face with your fingers.

I guess Mummy has to accept the fact that you have your own taste buds. And to be honest, neither Mummy nor Daddy is a big fan of sweet potato. It's been pretty much a big mess to feed you these days. Mummy spends lots of time washing your soiled clothes and preparing your purees. I do miss those days when I could breastfeed you exclusively sweetie.

Having said that, its pretty amazing how you stroke my face sometimes once I pick you up. Or when I hold you, you will immediately touch my hair and feel its texture with your fingers. When I read your baby bible to you, you keep stroking the silky pages with your fingers so enthusiastically that Mummy fears the book may not survive your aggressive "attacks".

You're such a sunshine baby darling and a trooper. Mummy is able to bring you to my 2-hr church service cos you're pretty well-behaved. :) And you would keep staring at people until they make eye contact with you. And once they do, you would reward them with the widest grin ever.

During the service, Mummy tried to quieten you down by sitting you next to me on my chair. Guess what you did? You used your left hand to stroke the man sitting next to you! And you only stopped when he offered his hand to hold yours! Oh man, your personality truly shines through at 6 months!!! It's really cool that you're ultra friendly and ever so trusting. Mummy can really learn the meaning of "child-life faith" in you. 

Mummy's close friend just gave birth to her second baby a week ago. Looking at her baby, I'm reminded of what you looked like when you were a newborn. Has it already been 6 months??? You look so much bigger and older now. Could time just freeze so that I can cherish you in all your babyness? Do you have to grow up so quickly?

I'm glad that you still have your baby smell even though you have started on solids. :) Your thighs have shrunk though!!!! :( Who would have thought that changing you to formula milk would have meant smaller baby thighs! Mummy was honestly sad when I realized today that your thighs are no longer "excessive". She even went on a manic search for photos which captured your baby thighs in all its glory! Wahah.

Having said that, you're a fairly large baby. At your last doctor's appointment when you were 20 weeks old, you weighed 8.65kg and measured 71cm. That placed you at the 97th percentile! Mummy was pretty amazed cos at that time, you were still 100% breastfed. 

Oh one more thing. You're able to sit upright in the bath tub by yourself. :) You're still not that stable when you're on land, but it won't be long before you gain yet another step of independence. I guess that's the dilemma of parenthood. While Mummy and Daddy cheer you on with each step of development, a part of me wishes and just longs for you to stay the way you are forever. Babyhood is such a transient phase. I so enjoy this time when you're not crawling yet because I'm not looking forward to baby-proofing the house and running after you, but know that its inevitable that you're on all fours soon.

Oh sweetie. I'm so thankful for this time when I can spend every waking moment with you. Thank you dear God for blessing me with such an amazing human being. I commit little Sammy to you and pray for wisdom to bring him up in your ways.

We love you dear Sam
Mummy & Daddy

Video of Sammy turning at 5 months


bel said...

Love his smile after he did his turn! So cute!

Pris said...

Bel - Yeah! He looks so pleased with himself right?


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